Manually installing Glimpse 0.82 for web forms

31 May 2011

This post is about Glimpse 0.82 which is obsolete, for version 0.83+ check the official documentation at

In version 0.82 the Glimpse guys changed several aspects of the Glimpse package.

In this post I describe how to manually install Glimpse into your ASP.NET 4 web forms web site
without the need of Visual Studio, nuget, MVC or jquery. All you need is ASP.NET 4

First make sure your site in running under ASP.NET 4, you web.config should have

<compilation debug="false" targetFramework="4.0" />

Getting dependencies

Unless you have ASP.NET MVC or Web Matrix installed on your machine, you need a copy of the assembly:

Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure, Version=

in your bin directory. Glimpse is using it.

It is part of ASP.NET Web Pages:

Download the AspNetWebPages.msi and install it, or if you don't want to install it, extract the files on the command line:

msiexec /a C:\aspnetwebpages.msi /qb TARGETDIR=C:\temp 

You'll find the file "Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.dll" under the path:

\Microsoft ASP.NET\ASP.NET Web Pages\v1.0\Assemblies

Copy the Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.dll assembly into the bin directory of your web site.

You may also need the Json.Net Assembly, go to and download the JSON.NET 4.0 Release 2 zip file.

Extract the file: \Bin\Net35\Newtonsoft.Json.Net35.dll into your bin directory.

Get the glimpse Assembly

Download the nuget package manually from:

if you want to use Glimpse with MVC3 you also need this package:

(these instructions are tested with version 0.82 only)

Rename Glimpse-0.82.nupkg to and extract the file \lib\net40\Glimpse.Core.dll into your bin directory.

For MVC do the same and copy \lib\net40\Glimpse.Mvc3.dll into you bin directory.

For web forms usage only:

Create a "glimpse" directory in the root of your web site,

Download the following files into that directory:

You should now have the these files in the glimpse directory:



Finally you need to add Glimpse to your web.config:

add or integrate into the configSections at the very top of the file (just after <configuration>)

    <section name="glimpse" type="Glimpse.Core.Configuration.GlimpseConfiguration" /> 

Add the following section anywhere within <configuration>

<glimpse enabled="true" /> 

Now you should be good to go, enter in a browser and turn on Glimpse.

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