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18 November 2019
01-Jun - Save many screenshots without too many clicks
05-Feb - New-WebBinding Problem with SSL Flags
24-Sep - Windows Server 2022 in-place upgrade issues
23-Sep - TLS 1.3 on Windows Server after inplace Upgrade
05-Feb - Using a modern browser in the Windows Sandbox
22-Dec - Too much administration via JEA and IIS
16-Dec - Manage IIS as a non admin user
18-Nov - ASP.NET App_Offline.htm Problems
01-Oct - Opening Windows Terminal from the command line
13-Mar - Using a Windows CA to create your own client certificates
26-Jan - The case of the duplicate ASP.Net request
13-Nov - Robocopy Directory Failure
19-Mar - Visual Studio 2017 Offline Setup Certificates
07-Oct - Adding to the path environment variable
28-Sep - Orphaned IIS APPPOOL accounts
25-Sep - Bloated Path Variable in Windows
21-Sep - Let's Encrypt on IIS
04-Aug - Updating Windows 10 with a different OS language.
01-Aug - Protect your local file backup from Ransomware
30-Jul - Windows Groups
23-Jul - Making sure to use only valid certificate authorities
18-Jul - How to elevate a non-admin user in Windows while logged in as a different user?
27-Aug - IIS - Nested comments in config files
15-Jul - New features in IIS 10
11-Jul - Stopping and removing IIS
11-Jul - Test-WebSite PowerShell script to test an IIS site
02-Jul - Different ways for installing Windows features on the command line
26-Jun - IIS - Managing FTP sites with PowerShell
24-May - Enable Telegram portable without a phone.
22-May - Disable the floppy drive on Windows VMs
19-May - Windows Server Operational Modes
17-May - Fixing PowerShell profile to work in Nano Server
25-Mar - IIS Hardening - Miscellaneous
23-Mar - IIS - Troubleshooting using logs
23-Mar - IIS Hardening - File Permissions
22-Mar - IIS Hardening - File Extensions
22-Mar - IIS Hardening - Handler Mappings, Modules and ISAPI Filters
20-Feb - Clone a KeePass database with new credentials in PowerShell
14-Jan - Some stats based on the Sysinternals sysmon service.
23-Nov - Accessing the status of Windows services from a scheduled task
19-Oct - Removing 'My PC' folders in Windows 8.1
19-Oct - Setting up Visual Studio 2013 results in "Cannot find one of more components. Please reinstall the application"
21-Sep - 'General access denied error' when creating a Hyper-V VM
27-Aug - Finding used ISOs in Hyper-V
22-Feb - Setting your windows passwords on the command line as a non-admin user.
17-Dec - The scheduled task zombie
14-Dec - Polling for the latest event log entry in PowerShell
12-Dec - Quick way to query IIS logs for 40x and 50x requests
23-Jan - Windows Media Center tries to connect to missing Windows Home Server
19-Jan - Using the Google Custom Search API via jQuery
23-Dec - Keylogger on Hostel computers
23-Dec - Changing the location of Windows Special Folders on the command line
31-May - Manually installing Glimpse 0.82 for web forms
18-May - Return a limited but random selection of rows per category
10-May - Use the Glimpse beta with web forms
04-May - A small tool to monitor Windows Scheduled Tasks
23-Apr - A portable virtual Windows via Linux on a bootable USB drive
09-Mar - Fixed: HTTP/1.1 New Application Failed error in IIS Express
25-Feb - Breaking change in ASP.NET/IIS with Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2.
21-Jan - ASP 0145 error due to IIS feature delegation conflict
18-Jan - Correct way to call aspnet_merge.exe
31-Dec - Using Linq in many-to-many select scenarios
03-Oct - Intellitype disappeared and wouldn't come back
15-Jul - Multiple proofing languages in Office 2010
05-Jul - Adding an attribute to all html tags in C#
24-Mar - Examples for badly written software by Google.
24-Mar - Stopping resistant Windows services.
21-Mar - Batch files to stop junk processes on public Windows XP boxes
07-Mar - Work around Sysinternals license pop-ups
14-Oct - TimeZoneOffsets and medium trust issues
09-Oct - Own your autorun.inf
05-Oct - Adding Routing to an otherwise mostly static web site in IIS6
01-Sep - 10 Windows myths promoted by Leo Laporte and his Twits
20-Jun - Using a single JavaScript include file in
19-Jun - Don't fear the rebuild
19-Jun - Securing public Windows PCs
20-Apr - Removing the BV:AutoRun-G[Wrm] Virus
24-Mar - Live Search API troubleshooting tips
24-Feb - Naming Windows vNext
23-Jun - Powershell presentation at the Bremen .net user group
09-May - getElementById Problems in
06-Mar - Reporting Services forms authentication with roles support
06-Feb - Refactoring breaks ObjectDataSource
21-Nov - Access and backup the WSUS 3.0 database
25-Oct - Vista file virtualization madness
06-Oct - No access to RSA Key container
24-Sep - A better way to share ASP Sessions
06-Jul - User group meetings around the world
06-Jul - Spam in Web forms
14-Dec - PreCompiler adds theme= to page directive
14-Dec - App_global.asax.compiled doesn't fire
12-Dec - More about 'Web Site' and 'ASP.Net Web Application' projects
09-Dec - Switch between a 'Web Site project' and an 'ASP.Net Web Application project'
09-Nov - Nice regex to parse stored procedure call
09-Nov - Killing hanging Windows Cardspace application
08-Oct - TechEd 2006 South East Asia
09-Sep - Over At TechEd South East Asia I Had An Argument With Clemens Vasters About Whether It Is Safe To Do Online Banking On A Machine
09-Sep - Enhanced ASP.NET session state
28-Aug - Securing ATLAS Web Services?
25-Aug - Removing unwanted directories from Indexing Service
19-Aug - Basic authentication in the webBrowser control
05-Aug - Compiling .net projects without Visual Studio
31-Jul - Remote desktop stopped working
31-Jul - Can not find atlasglob.axd
27-Jul - 4NT, my way to start applications
22-Jul - My first look at Windows Vista
21-Jul - Scripting Jet databases
21-Jul - Saving money thanks to some viruses
21-Jul - First entry
21-Jul - Workarounds for Internet Cafe lockdowns
21-Jul - Working from a USB drive

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