Naming Windows vNext

24 February 2009


As we all know, Microsoft named the next version of Windows, "Windows 7". There has been lots of talk about this recently. Here my opinion how this happened.

When finishing up Vista (windows NT 6.0) Microsoft started planning for the next major version (7.0). Someone gave the project the obvious code name "Windows 7". 20 months later Vista wasn't doing so well and Microsoft
realized they had to fix this by releasing a new version of Windows much sooner than planned. They stopped the addition of new features and decided to go with what they had. At this point the changes between the new version
and Vista were just enough for a point release, therefor the Version is "Windows NT 6.1". However, someone in marketing liked the Windows 7 name so much that they decided to stick with it. Of course this was a stupid idea; 7 != 6.1

To help Microsoft with a name for Windows NT 7.0 here are some suggestions, not all should be taken serious:

more to come...

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