Scripting Jet databases

21 July 2006
For a recent .net project I had to work with several MS Access (Jet) databases with the possibility on an upgrade to SQL Server later on. All access to tables is done with QueryDefs (Access' stored procedures). When moving to SQL Server I only have to switch to a different database access layer from OLEDB to SQL Server and port the jet databases to SQL Server. All stored procedure names and parameters would stay the same. The MS Access Upsizing Wizard is fine for tables but it ports QueryDefs to User Defined functions and not stored procedures. I was looking for a tool that scripts all queries and tables just as I do in SQL Enterprise Manager or even more like scptxfr.exe a command line tools in the SQL resource kit that I'm using to regulary script all my SQL databases. After searching the web for a while I couldn't find one and decided to write my own. This wsf script scripts all tables and QueryDefs in either one mdb files or all mdb files in a folder. It is currently in its first Beta version and I haven't done anything with the resulting scripts yet but I think its a good start.

Download the script...

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