Enable Telegram portable without a phone.

24 May 2015

The Messenger app I use the most is Telegram mostly because it has clients for iOS, Windows Phone, the web and a Windows Desktop client which I still prefer when sitting at a PC.

I use the portable version which keeps the whole app confined to one directory in Windows

I found myself in a situation where I was away from home working an or third party PC for a while. I downloaded Telegram portable but during the first run it requires you to verify your account via an SMS message to your mobile phone.
I did bring my phone but both SIM cards do not work here (East Asia), so those SMS messages never reached me.

Being a portable app, I assumed the data files would contain my Telegram identity. So I VPNed into home and started my main PC to RDP into it. I then copied three of the Telegram files:

into my new Telegram directory. I then started the app and voila, it works

So sorry this only works if you already have a working Telegram Portable version.

When I tried this with Telegram Version 1.0.29, the files had completely changed, I now had to copy the following files:


I have no idea whether these names are always the same, but this worked for me.

I recommend using a local passcode if you are using the Portable Version on a USB drive

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