Windows Groups (work in progress)

30 July 2016

This is work in progress, more to come.

NameSIDadded inEditionUAC
Access Control Assistance OperatorsS-1-5-32-579
Account OperatorsS-1-5-32-548 SERVER
AdministratorsS-1-5-32-544Windows NT 3.1 SPLIT
Backup OperatorsS-1-5-32-551Windows NT 3.1 SPLIT
Cryptographic OperatorsS-1-5-32-569
Distributed COM UsersS-1-5-32-562Server 2003 SP1
Event Log ReadersS-1-5-32-573
GuestsS-1-5-32-546Windows NT 3.1
Hyper-V AdministratorsS-1-5-32-578
Network Configuration OperatorsS-1-5-32-556 SPLIT
Performance Log UsersS-1-5-32-559
Performance Monitor UsersS-1-5-32-558
Power UsersS-1-5-32-547Windows NT 3.1 SPLIT
Print OperatorsS-1-5-32-550 SERVER
RDS Endpoint ServersS-1-5-32-576 SERVER
RDS Management ServersS-1-5-32-577 SERVER
RDS Remote Access ServersS-1-5-32-575 SERVER
Remote Desktop UsersS-1-5-32-555
Remote Management UsersS-1-5-32-580
ReplicatorS-1-5-32-552Windows NT 3.1
Server OperatorsS-1-5-32-549 SERVER
System Managed Accounts GroupS-1-5-32-581Windows 10
UsersS-1-5-32-545Windows NT 3.1

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