Windows Media Center tries to connect to missing Windows Home Server

23 January 2012

During development I often use Fiddler, a great tool to monitor http connections on your machine. Every few seconds or so there was an http request with a User-Agent of 'DavClnt' trying to connect to 'HS1', a machine that used to be a Windows Home Server but which no longer exist.

Surely it doesn't really hurt anybody to have a random http call, but I liked to get rid of it.

Fiddler was showing me the process that initiated the request, it was wmplayer.exe or "Windows Media Player"

I first searched the registry to occurrences of 'HS1', even though I had uninstalled the Home Server Connector from the machine, I found a few places with references to the home server. Deleting them however did not help.

Using a different user account, the http requests did not happen, so it must had something to do with my main user account. I deleted all the Windows Media Player settings under AppData but that also did not help.

Then I used Process Monitor, set the filter to Process Name = wmplayer.exe and indeed the process tried to access certain shares on HS1 but I could not find any clues to where the settings for these operations were.

I then searched for files in my user directory that have the string HS1 and found:


One of my libraries still had a location on a share on the home server. I removed that location and finally the http requests stopped.

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