Post Uni Trip 1993-1994

This was a trip I did after finishing University.
I left Bremen in August 1993 and returned in January 1994 and visited the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

Have a look at the route: on Google Maps
26-Jan-1994: Bremen
26-Jan-1994: Hamburg
25-Jan-1994: New York JFK
22-Jan-1994: Grand Canyon
5-Jan-1994: Los Angeles
4-Jan-1994: Melbourne
31-Dec-1993: Adelaide
23-Dec-1993: Melbourne
19-Dec-1993: Sydney
13-Dec-1993: Noosa
12-Dec-1993: Brisbane
7-Dec-1993: Sydney
2-Dec-1993: Lorne
28-Nov-1993: Melbourne
26-Nov-1993: Auckland
25-Nov-1993: Wellington
24-Nov-1993: Westport
21-Nov-1993: Fox Glacier
17-Nov-1993: Queenstown
16-Nov-1993: Christchurch
15-Nov-1993: Wellington
14-Nov-1993: Taupo
13-Nov-1993: Rotorua
9-Nov-1993: Auckland
1-Nov-1993: San Francisco
28-Oct-1993: San Jose
27-Oct-1993: Oakland CA
24-Oct-1993: Washington DC
22-Oct-1993: Sacramento
20-Oct-1993: Pittsburgh
19-Oct-1993: San Francisco
18-Oct-1993: Los Angeles
17-Oct-1993: Key West
15-Oct-1993: Chicago
14-Oct-1993: Champaign IL
13-Oct-1993: Chicago
12-Oct-1993: New Orleans
9-Oct-1993: Rochester
7-Oct-1993: Minneapolis
6-Oct-1993: In Yosemite National Park
5-Oct-1993: To Lake Tahoe and into the Sierra Nevada
4-Oct-1993: San Francisco
2-Oct-1993: Santa Barbara
1-Oct-1993: Los Angeles
30-Sep-1993: Salt Lake City
30-Sep-1993: Las Vegas
28-Sep-1993: Portland OR
28-Sep-1993: Denver CO
27-Sep-1993: Olympia WA
24-Sep-1993: Seattle
22-Sep-1993: Boston MA
19-Sep-1993: With Keith to Newport RI
18-Sep-1993: Providence RI
9-Sep-1993: New York City
8-Sep-1993: Philadelphia
6-Sep-1993: Baltimore
3-Sep-1993: Richmond VA
30-Aug-1993: Washington DC