Central Europe 2012

In the summer of 2012 I visited my mom in Germany and decided to borrow her car for a road trip through Germany. Visiting old friends and places I've not been before.
This was a very different kind of trip for me because I had a car for several weeks while I usually only use public transport. I took my bicycle along and used it in all the cities I visited.

Have a look at some photos

My Itinerary:
23-Okt-2013: In Dublin for a short autumn break
31-Aug-2012: Kerken, Xanten, Muenster, Bremen
30-Aug-2012: Bonn to Kerken to visit the Germer family
29-Aug-2012: Würzburg, Mittleres Rhein Tal, Bonn
28-Aug-2012: In Bamberg and Würzburg
27-Aug-2012: Munich, Dachau sightseeing in Nuremburg
26-Aug-2012: Englischer Garten, Allianz Arena, Olympic Park
25-Aug-2012: Sightseeing, meeting with Anita
24-Aug-2012: Rosenheim to Munich via Bad Tölz
23-Aug-2012: Hiking in Hohenauschau, top of Laubenstein
22-Aug-2012: Waichsee, Weitsee, Inzell, Koenigssee, Salzburg
21-Aug-2012: At the lake with all the kids and neighbors
20-Aug-2012: Day at the lake in Thaunsau
19-Aug-2012: Day at a lake close-by
18-Aug-2012: Daytrip to the mountains in Austria
17-Aug-2012: Lindau to Rosenheim via Liechtenstein, Neuschwanstein, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Teegernsee
16-Aug-2012: Esslingen to Lindau am Bodensee via Tuebingen and Ravensburg
15-Aug-2012: Heidelberg to Esslingen to visit Heidi
14-Aug-2012: Hiking to the top of two hills above Heidelberg
13-Aug-2012: Oppenheim, Worms, Ludwigshaven, Heidelberg
12-Aug-2012: Wiesbaden, Mainz and frische Luft in Friedberg
11-Aug-2012: Sightseeing in Frankfurt
10-Aug-2012: Goettingen, Marburg, bei Olaf in Oberursel
9-Aug-2012: Bremen to Goettingen via Hamelin, broke my bicycle handle bar into two pieces