Train from UB to China. I am in a compartment with Heike, Mari and Anna, what a coincidence. There are four pretty annoying Germans (two young couples) in the compartment next to us. Lorenz and Doreen are also on the train. The landscape changes from green, to semi-desert, to full sand desert. The changing of the wheels at night is interesting. We are in a huge hall and the other half of our train is standing next to our tracks, so we can actually see the whole procedure. Both Mongolian and Chinese border guards are friendly.
The final hike in the morning is also the longest and most difficult one but the scenary is again fantastic. In the early morning the clouds are hanging low over the valley. In the afternoon Heike and I are going back to UB to our families. We meet up again in the city but after some more walking in town I am going back home.
Full day in the camp in the national park of Terelj, I did great hikes in two directions and the meals are really good two. The evening I spend with Heike, Mari and Anne in a ger.
Arrival in UB, check in with my family, the English speaking person is the young mother. The husband and the two teenage boys don't speak much at all. There is also a huge dog in the flat but he doesn't bother me at all. I walk into the city and around a bit and then rent a bike and do a lot of exploration. I have dinner at the German restaurant Khan Braeu where I met one of the German couples from the train. We also run into Hans-Dieter from TSA, the travel agent I used for this part of the trip. I saw him at the Lake before and also on the train. He talks a lot and always tries to show you the thousands of photos on his digital camera.