In Argentina February to March 2010

Full Itinerary:

3-Feb-2010: Orsono to Bariloche in Argentina (Bariloche, Argentina)

4-Feb-2010: Exploring Bariloche (Bariloche, Argentina)

5-Feb-2010: Hike up to the peak of Cerro Otto (Bariloche, Argentina)

6-Feb-2010: A rainy lazy day in Bariloche (Bariloche, Argentina)

7-Feb-2010: To El Bolson, 5 hour walk to a waterfall (El Bolson, Argentina)

8-Feb-2010: Hanging out at the hostel, walk into town (El Boslon, Argentina)

9-Feb-2010: Hike to Dedo Gordo (El Boslon, Argentina)

10-Feb-2010: El Bolson to Esquel (Esquel, Argentina)

11-Feb-2010: 9 hour bus ride to Comodoro Rivadavia (Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina)

12-Feb-2010: To and in Puerto San Julian (Puerto San Julian, Argentina)

13-Feb-2010: To and in Rio Gallegos, the most southern place I've ever been to (Rio Gallegos, Argentina)

14-Feb-2010: Rio Gallegos to El Calafate (El Calafate, Argentina)

15-Feb-2010: A fantastic day at Glaciar Perito Moreno (El Calafate, Argentina)

16-Feb-2010: Relaxing in town and walk to Lago Argentino (El Calafate, Argentina)

17-Feb-2010: El Calafate to El Chalten (El Chalten, Argentina)

18-Feb-2010: Hike to Lago Torre with views to Cerro Terro (El Chalten, Argentina)

19-Feb-2010: Hike to Lago de las Tres with great views to the Fitzroy range (El Chalten, Argentina)

20-Feb-2010: Short walk to the mirador del a Condoros (El Chalten, Argentina)

21-Feb-2010: Short walk to the waterfall (El Chalten, Argentina)

22-Feb-2010: Night Bus on Routa 3 (Night Bus on Routa 3, Argentina)

23-Feb-2010: 18 hour overnighter to Puerte Madryn (Puerte Madryn, Argentina)

24-Feb-2010: Lazy day in town and around the hostel (Puerte Madryn, Argentina)

25-Feb-2010: On the night bus toward B.A. (On the night bus toward B.A., Argentina)

26-Feb-2010: First day in Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

27-Feb-2010: Did not feel the Chilean Earthquake, with James to Tierra Santa and his leaving due (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

28-Feb-2010: Moved into the Hotel Ritz and spend some time online (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

1-Mar-2010: Shopping for read-only USB memory stick, long walk to Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2-Mar-2010: Installed Visual Studio 2010 RC and went to User group meeting (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

3-Mar-2010: Long walk along Avenida Corrientes and through Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

4-Mar-2010: At the post office and walk through Puerto Madero (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

5-Mar-2010: Walk to and through La Boca incl. a look at the Boca Juniors stadium (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

6-Mar-2010: An afternoon with local indiepop fan Romina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

7-Mar-2010: Walked around Once station and Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

8-Mar-2010: Walked around Microcenter (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

9-Mar-2010: Visited Arsenal FC's stadium out in the suburb of Sarandi (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

10-Mar-2010: Checked out River Plate's stadium and walked back all the way from it (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

11-Mar-2010: Day trip to Tigre in the delta of the Rio de la Plate (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

12-Mar-2010: Lazy day at the hostel, some work online. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

13-Mar-2010: To the suburb of Quilmes on bus No. 22 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

14-Mar-2010: By Subte to the Belgrano neighborhood and walking back. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

18-Mar-2010: Last day in Montevideo, back to B.A. at night (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

19-Mar-2010: Lazy today, spent some time online (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

20-Mar-2010: Try to cure the cold I got from the AC on the fast ferry from Uruguay (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

21-Mar-2010: Raining all day, stayed at the hotel and programmed a bit (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

22-Mar-2010: Another slow day with some online time. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

23-Mar-2010: Curing the cold day at the computers (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

24-Mar-2010: Public holiday, tried to change my Uruguayn pesos (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

25-Mar-2010: Buenos Aires to Rosario (Rosario, Argentina)

26-Mar-2010: Walk along the river and through the Independence Park (Rosario, Argentina)

27-Mar-2010: More exploring of the city (Rosario, Argentina)

28-Mar-2010: Rosario to Cordoba (Cordoba, Argentina)

29-Mar-2010: Sightseeing in Cordoba (Cordoba, Argentina)

30-Mar-2010: Cordoba to General Belgrano (Villa General Belgrano, Argentina)

31-Mar-2010: Lazy day at the pool (Villa General Belgrano, Argentina)

1-Apr-2010: Easy hike up to the top of the local mountain, party tonight? (Villa General Belgrano, Argentina)

2-Apr-2010: It rained all day, read a book about India (Villa General Belgrano, Argentina)

3-Apr-2010: VG Belgrano to San Luis (San Luis, Argentina)

4-Apr-2010: San Luis to Mendoza (Mendoza, Argentina)

5-Apr-2010: Walk to and in parque San Martin (Mendoza, Argentina)

6-Apr-2010: Exploring the rest of the city centre, trees everywhere (Mendoza, Argentina)

7-Apr-2010: Mendoza to Valle Fertil (San Augustin del Valle Fertil, Argentina)

8-Apr-2010: Trip to Valle de Luna with Iris and Eddy (San Augustin del Valle Fertil, Argentina)

9-Apr-2010: Valle Fertil to Tafi de Valle (Tafi de Valle, Argentina)

10-Apr-2010: Tafi to Cafayate (Cafayate, Argentina)

11-Apr-2010: Cafayate to Salta (Salta, Argentina)

12-Apr-2010: A lazy day in Salta (Salta, Argentina)

13-Apr-2010: Day trip in the mountains to Cachi (Salta, Argentina)

14-Apr-2010: Walking around town, Edwin leaves (Salta, Argentina)

15-Apr-2010: Salta to Tilcara (Tilcara, Argentina)

16-Apr-2010: Walk to and in the devil's gorge (Tilcara, Argentina)

17-Apr-2010: 30km walk to Humahuaca (Tilcara, Argentina)

18-Apr-2010: Tilcara to Clorinda (Nightbus to Paraguay, Argentina)

22-Apr-2010: Asuncion to Ciadad de Este and via Brazil back to Argentina (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

23-Apr-2010: Rainy day, walked into town (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

24-Apr-2010: Still raining, working on TweeNet content (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

25-Apr-2010: Reviewed my social networking presence (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

26-Apr-2010: Moved into Marco Polo hostel in town (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

27-Apr-2010: Walking around town and along the river (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

28-Apr-2010: Visited he fantastic Argentinian side of the Iguazu waterfalls (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)