Brazil May 2010

Full Itinerary:

29-Apr-2010: Amazing Brazilian side of the Iguassu Falls (Foz do Iguacu, Brazil)

30-Apr-2010: Visit to Itaipu Dam, where more electricity is generated than anywhere else (Foz do Iguacu, Brazil)

1-May-2010: Walking around in Foz (Foz do Iguacu, Brazil)

2-May-2010: Foz do Iguacu to Curitiba (Curitiba, Brazil)

3-May-2010: Curitiba to Paranagua (Paranagua, Brazil)

4-May-2010: Day trip to the Honey island (Paranagua, Brazil)

5-May-2010: On the Sierra Madre Express train back to Curitiba (Curitiba, Brazil)

6-May-2010: Curitiba to Sao Paulo, the biggest city in South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

7-May-2010: Record store tour in the centre with Gilberto (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

8-May-2010: Listening to music at Gilberto's house (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

9-May-2010: Mothers day lunch and a street fest in a favela (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

10-May-2010: 18 km walk to downtown and around (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

11-May-2010: Walking in the Morumbi neighborhood (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

12-May-2010: Walked in the Pinheiros and Bella vista neighborhoods (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

13-May-2010: Walking around in the area north of downtown (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

14-May-2010: Lazy day, busy night with poplist meeting and party in town (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

15-May-2010: back from a night in town at 8 a.m. lazy for the rest of the day (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

16-May-2010: Virada Cultural festival all over town (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

17-May-2010: Sao Paulo to Paraty (Paraty, Brazil)

18-May-2010: Exploring beautiful Paraty (Paraty, Brazil)

19-May-2010: Long walk to the old Gold Route up the mountains (Paraty, Brazil)

20-May-2010: Day trip to Praia de Sono beach (Paraty, Brazil)

21-May-2010: Paraty to Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

22-May-2010: First walk along Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, DJing at Ronnie's house (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

23-May-2010: Visited two art exhibitions in centro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

24-May-2010: Walked up to the Christos Redendor and back down through the jungle (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

25-May-2010: Walked to centro and back (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

26-May-2010: Up to Sugarloaf mountain, and football in Maracana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

27-May-2010: By ferry to Niteroi and walk to Niemeyer's modern art museum (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

28-May-2010: Walked around this beautiful gold mining town (Ouro Preto, Brazil)

29-May-2010: Exploring the center of B.H. (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

30-May-2010: Finding a place to stay, first review of the center (Brasilia, Brazil)

31-May-2010: Sightseeing in Brasilia (Brasilia, Brazil)

1-Jun-2010: Sightseeing by car with Adriano of Postal Blue fame (Brasilia, Brazil)

2-Jun-2010: Brasilia to Lencois (Lencois, Brazil)

3-Jun-2010: 2 walks around the hills, swimming in a stream (Lencois, Brazil)

4-Jun-2010: Lancois to Salvador (Salvador, Brazil)

5-Jun-2010: Explored the beautiful upper town (Salvador, Brazil)

6-Jun-2010: Lazy Sunday in Barra (Salvador, Brazil)

7-Jun-2010: Salvador to Praia do Forte (Praia do Forte, Brazil)

8-Jun-2010: Visited Whale and turtle research stations (Praia do Forte, Brazil)

9-Jun-2010: On the beach, new db server goes live (Praia do Forte, Brazil)

10-Jun-2010: From Praia do Forte back to Salvador (Salvador, Brazil)

11-Jun-2010: Watching the first two matches in the hammock (Salvador, Brazil)

12-Jun-2010: Back to Rio by plane (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

13-Jun-2010: World cup football public viewing on Copacobana beach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

14-Jun-2010: Visited Christ the redeemer again in its full glory (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

15-Jun-2010: In Santa Teresa, and watching the Brazil game in Copacobana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

16-Jun-2010: Walking in Ipanema and Copacobana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

17-Jun-2010: Last day in Rio and in South America (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)