Chile in January and February 2010

3-Feb-2010: Short summary for Chile
I spend 24 days in Chile, so far the most expensive country in Latin America, I guess you get better quality for your money so the prices can be justified a bit, but it meant I spent my whole budget on just food, lodging and transportation, and the food was mostly of the fast food variety because I could not afford proper restaurants, and I still can be bothered to cook myself.

A photo The interesting parts of the country are at both ends, the desert in the north and the mountains and glaciers in Patagonia in the south. I've already been to the desert in Peru and Bolivia, so only spend a few days in the north and didn't make it to the deep south at all because of the bad weather and high costs.

The rest of the country was nice too but, that it just not enough for me after over 500 days in Latin America. There was very little indigenous culture, instead especially in the south much more German and Swiss influences than Mapuche (the original Indians). Chile is nearly in the Developed world and that made it much less interesting too me.

Coming from Bolivia, Chile introduces some new concepts:

- You can drink the water from the tab
- There is toilet paper in the banos.
- At the butcher they use refrigerators to store the meat.
- Local transport is no longer practically free.
- There have shopping malls and McDonalds
Full Itinerary:

10-Jan-2010: Visited hot springs and moved into Chile (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)

11-Jan-2010: Visited a cool cave north of town (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)

12-Jan-2010: From San Pedro via Calama to Antofagasta (Antofagasta, Chile)

13-Jan-2010: Antofagasta to Copiapo (Copiapo, Chile)

14-Jan-2010: Copiapo to La Serena (La Serena, Chile)

15-Jan-2010: Walked to and along the beach, not very impressive (La Serena, Chile)

16-Jan-2010: La Serena to Los Vilos (Los Vilos, Chile)

17-Jan-2010: Los Vilos to Santiago de Chile (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

18-Jan-2010: Orientation day downtown (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

19-Jan-2010: 20+ KM walk to the other side of town (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

20-Jan-2010: A day in Valparaiso (Valparaiso, Chile)

21-Jan-2010: Back to Santiago, another very hot day (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

22-Jan-2010: Lazy day at the pool (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

23-Jan-2010: Some exploring north of the river (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

24-Jan-2010: Still hanging out at the pool in the hostel (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

25-Jan-2010: Working on hostel PCs for a free Australia Day BBQ (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

26-Jan-2010: Santiago to Talca (Talca, Chile)

27-Jan-2010: iPad presentation live online and lots of time in the pool (Talca, Chile)

28-Jan-2010: In the mountains near the Argentinian border (Malalcahello, Chile)

29-Jan-2010: Great hike to the base of volcano Lonquimay (Lonquimay, Chile)

30-Jan-2010: To Osorno (Osorno, Chile)

31-Jan-2010: In Puerto Varas and around Lago Llanquehue (Puerto Varas, Chile)

1-Feb-2010: Daytrip to Pretohue and Lago Santos (Puerto Varas, Chile)

2-Feb-2010: In Perto Montt and back to Orsono (Perto Montt, Chile)

3-Feb-2010: Short summary for Chile (Chilean Argentinian Border, Chile)