Here is the full itinerary of my trip:

18-Jun-2010: Flight from Rio de Janeiro to Bremen (Bremen, Germany)

17-Jun-2010: Last day in Rio and in South America (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

16-Jun-2010: Walking in Ipanema and Copacobana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

15-Jun-2010: In Santa Teresa, and watching the Brazil game in Copacobana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

14-Jun-2010: Visited Christ the redeemer again in its full glory (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

13-Jun-2010: World cup football public viewing on Copacobana beach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

12-Jun-2010: Back to Rio by plane (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

11-Jun-2010: Watching the first two matches in the hammock (Salvador, Brazil)

10-Jun-2010: From Praia do Forte back to Salvador (Salvador, Brazil)

9-Jun-2010: On the beach, new db server goes live (Praia do Forte, Brazil)

8-Jun-2010: Visited Whale and turtle research stations (Praia do Forte, Brazil)

7-Jun-2010: Salvador to Praia do Forte (Praia do Forte, Brazil)

6-Jun-2010: Lazy Sunday in Barra (Salvador, Brazil)

5-Jun-2010: Explored the beautiful upper town (Salvador, Brazil)

4-Jun-2010: Lancois to Salvador (Salvador, Brazil)

3-Jun-2010: 2 walks around the hills, swimming in a stream (Lencois, Brazil)

2-Jun-2010: Brasilia to Lencois (Lencois, Brazil)

1-Jun-2010: Sightseeing by car with Adriano of Postal Blue fame (Brasilia, Brazil)

31-May-2010: Sightseeing in Brasilia (Brasilia, Brazil)

30-May-2010: Finding a place to stay, first review of the center (Brasilia, Brazil)

29-May-2010: Exploring the center of B.H. (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

28-May-2010: Walked around this beautiful gold mining town (Ouro Preto, Brazil)

27-May-2010: By ferry to Niteroi and walk to Niemeyer's modern art museum (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

26-May-2010: Up to Sugarloaf mountain, and football in Maracana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

25-May-2010: Walked to centro and back (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

24-May-2010: Walked up to the Christos Redendor and back down through the jungle (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

23-May-2010: Visited two art exhibitions in centro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

22-May-2010: First walk along Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, DJing at Ronnie's house (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

21-May-2010: Paraty to Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

20-May-2010: Day trip to Praia de Sono beach (Paraty, Brazil)

19-May-2010: Long walk to the old Gold Route up the mountains (Paraty, Brazil)

18-May-2010: Exploring beautiful Paraty (Paraty, Brazil)

17-May-2010: Sao Paulo to Paraty (Paraty, Brazil)

16-May-2010: Virada Cultural festival all over town (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

15-May-2010: back from a night in town at 8 a.m. lazy for the rest of the day (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

14-May-2010: Lazy day, busy night with poplist meeting and party in town (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

13-May-2010: Walking around in the area north of downtown (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

12-May-2010: Walked in the Pinheiros and Bella vista neighborhoods (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

11-May-2010: Walking in the Morumbi neighborhood (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

10-May-2010: 18 km walk to downtown and around (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

9-May-2010: Mothers day lunch and a street fest in a favela (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

8-May-2010: Listening to music at Gilberto's house (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

7-May-2010: Record store tour in the centre with Gilberto (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

6-May-2010: Curitiba to Sao Paulo, the biggest city in South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

5-May-2010: On the Sierra Madre Express train back to Curitiba (Curitiba, Brazil)

4-May-2010: Day trip to the Honey island (Paranagua, Brazil)

3-May-2010: Curitiba to Paranagua (Paranagua, Brazil)

2-May-2010: Foz do Iguacu to Curitiba (Curitiba, Brazil)

1-May-2010: Walking around in Foz (Foz do Iguacu, Brazil)

30-Apr-2010: Visit to Itaipu Dam, where more electricity is generated than anywhere else (Foz do Iguacu, Brazil)

29-Apr-2010: Amazing Brazilian side of the Iguassu Falls (Foz do Iguacu, Brazil)

28-Apr-2010: Visited he fantastic Argentinian side of the Iguazu waterfalls (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

27-Apr-2010: Walking around town and along the river (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

26-Apr-2010: Moved into Marco Polo hostel in town (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

25-Apr-2010: Reviewed my social networking presence (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

24-Apr-2010: Still raining, working on TweeNet content (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

23-Apr-2010: Rainy day, walked into town (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

22-Apr-2010: Asuncion to Ciadad de Este and via Brazil back to Argentina (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

21-Apr-2010: More walking and sightseeing in Asuncion (Asuncion, Paraguay)

20-Apr-2010: Long walk in Asuncion (Asuncion, Paraguay)

19-Apr-2010: Into hot Paraguay (Asuncion, Paraguay)

18-Apr-2010: Tilcara to Clorinda (Nightbus to Paraguay, Argentina)

17-Apr-2010: 30km walk to Humahuaca (Tilcara, Argentina)

16-Apr-2010: Walk to and in the devil's gorge (Tilcara, Argentina)

15-Apr-2010: Salta to Tilcara (Tilcara, Argentina)

14-Apr-2010: Walking around town, Edwin leaves (Salta, Argentina)

13-Apr-2010: Day trip in the mountains to Cachi (Salta, Argentina)

12-Apr-2010: A lazy day in Salta (Salta, Argentina)

11-Apr-2010: Cafayate to Salta (Salta, Argentina)

10-Apr-2010: Tafi to Cafayate (Cafayate, Argentina)

9-Apr-2010: Valle Fertil to Tafi de Valle (Tafi de Valle, Argentina)

8-Apr-2010: Trip to Valle de Luna with Iris and Eddy (San Augustin del Valle Fertil, Argentina)

7-Apr-2010: Mendoza to Valle Fertil (San Augustin del Valle Fertil, Argentina)

6-Apr-2010: Exploring the rest of the city centre, trees everywhere (Mendoza, Argentina)

5-Apr-2010: Walk to and in parque San Martin (Mendoza, Argentina)

4-Apr-2010: San Luis to Mendoza (Mendoza, Argentina)

3-Apr-2010: VG Belgrano to San Luis (San Luis, Argentina)

2-Apr-2010: It rained all day, read a book about India (Villa General Belgrano, Argentina)

1-Apr-2010: Easy hike up to the top of the local mountain, party tonight? (Villa General Belgrano, Argentina)

31-Mar-2010: Lazy day at the pool (Villa General Belgrano, Argentina)

30-Mar-2010: Cordoba to General Belgrano (Villa General Belgrano, Argentina)

29-Mar-2010: Sightseeing in Cordoba (Cordoba, Argentina)

28-Mar-2010: Rosario to Cordoba (Cordoba, Argentina)

27-Mar-2010: More exploring of the city (Rosario, Argentina)

26-Mar-2010: Walk along the river and through the Independence Park (Rosario, Argentina)

25-Mar-2010: Buenos Aires to Rosario (Rosario, Argentina)

24-Mar-2010: Public holiday, tried to change my Uruguayn pesos (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

23-Mar-2010: Curing the cold day at the computers (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

22-Mar-2010: Another slow day with some online time. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

21-Mar-2010: Raining all day, stayed at the hotel and programmed a bit (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

20-Mar-2010: Try to cure the cold I got from the AC on the fast ferry from Uruguay (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

19-Mar-2010: Lazy today, spent some time online (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

18-Mar-2010: Last day in Montevideo, back to B.A. at night (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

17-Mar-2010: Sightseeing in Montevideo (Montevideo, Uruguay)

16-Mar-2010: First day in Montevideo (Montevideo, Uruguay)

15-Mar-2010: Ferry to Colonia in Uruguay (Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay)

14-Mar-2010: By Subte to the Belgrano neighborhood and walking back. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

13-Mar-2010: To the suburb of Quilmes on bus No. 22 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

12-Mar-2010: Lazy day at the hostel, some work online. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

11-Mar-2010: Day trip to Tigre in the delta of the Rio de la Plate (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

10-Mar-2010: Checked out River Plate's stadium and walked back all the way from it (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

9-Mar-2010: Visited Arsenal FC's stadium out in the suburb of Sarandi (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

8-Mar-2010: Walked around Microcenter (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

7-Mar-2010: Walked around Once station and Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

6-Mar-2010: An afternoon with local indiepop fan Romina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

5-Mar-2010: Walk to and through La Boca incl. a look at the Boca Juniors stadium (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

4-Mar-2010: At the post office and walk through Puerto Madero (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

3-Mar-2010: Long walk along Avenida Corrientes and through Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

2-Mar-2010: Installed Visual Studio 2010 RC and went to User group meeting (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

1-Mar-2010: Shopping for read-only USB memory stick, long walk to Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

28-Feb-2010: Moved into the Hotel Ritz and spend some time online (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

27-Feb-2010: Did not feel the Chilean Earthquake, with James to Tierra Santa and his leaving due (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

26-Feb-2010: First day in Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

25-Feb-2010: On the night bus toward B.A. (On the night bus toward B.A., Argentina)

24-Feb-2010: Lazy day in town and around the hostel (Puerte Madryn, Argentina)

23-Feb-2010: 18 hour overnighter to Puerte Madryn (Puerte Madryn, Argentina)

22-Feb-2010: Night Bus on Routa 3 (Night Bus on Routa 3, Argentina)

21-Feb-2010: Short walk to the waterfall (El Chalten, Argentina)

20-Feb-2010: Short walk to the mirador del a Condoros (El Chalten, Argentina)

19-Feb-2010: Hike to Lago de las Tres with great views to the Fitzroy range (El Chalten, Argentina)

18-Feb-2010: Hike to Lago Torre with views to Cerro Terro (El Chalten, Argentina)

17-Feb-2010: El Calafate to El Chalten (El Chalten, Argentina)

16-Feb-2010: Relaxing in town and walk to Lago Argentino (El Calafate, Argentina)

15-Feb-2010: A fantastic day at Glaciar Perito Moreno (El Calafate, Argentina)

14-Feb-2010: Rio Gallegos to El Calafate (El Calafate, Argentina)

13-Feb-2010: To and in Rio Gallegos, the most southern place I've ever been to (Rio Gallegos, Argentina)

12-Feb-2010: To and in Puerto San Julian (Puerto San Julian, Argentina)

11-Feb-2010: 9 hour bus ride to Comodoro Rivadavia (Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina)

10-Feb-2010: El Bolson to Esquel (Esquel, Argentina)

9-Feb-2010: Hike to Dedo Gordo (El Boslon, Argentina)

8-Feb-2010: Hanging out at the hostel, walk into town (El Boslon, Argentina)

7-Feb-2010: To El Bolson, 5 hour walk to a waterfall (El Bolson, Argentina)

6-Feb-2010: A rainy lazy day in Bariloche (Bariloche, Argentina)

5-Feb-2010: Hike up to the peak of Cerro Otto (Bariloche, Argentina)

4-Feb-2010: Exploring Bariloche (Bariloche, Argentina)

3-Feb-2010: Orsono to Bariloche in Argentina (Bariloche, Argentina)

3-Feb-2010: Short summary for Chile (Chilean Argentinian Border, Chile)

2-Feb-2010: In Perto Montt and back to Orsono (Perto Montt, Chile)

1-Feb-2010: Daytrip to Pretohue and Lago Santos (Puerto Varas, Chile)

31-Jan-2010: In Puerto Varas and around Lago Llanquehue (Puerto Varas, Chile)

30-Jan-2010: To Osorno (Osorno, Chile)

29-Jan-2010: Great hike to the base of volcano Lonquimay (Lonquimay, Chile)

28-Jan-2010: In the mountains near the Argentinian border (Malalcahello, Chile)

27-Jan-2010: iPad presentation live online and lots of time in the pool (Talca, Chile)

26-Jan-2010: Santiago to Talca (Talca, Chile)

25-Jan-2010: Working on hostel PCs for a free Australia Day BBQ (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

24-Jan-2010: Still hanging out at the pool in the hostel (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

23-Jan-2010: Some exploring north of the river (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

22-Jan-2010: Lazy day at the pool (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

21-Jan-2010: Back to Santiago, another very hot day (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

20-Jan-2010: A day in Valparaiso (Valparaiso, Chile)

19-Jan-2010: 20+ KM walk to the other side of town (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

18-Jan-2010: Orientation day downtown (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

17-Jan-2010: Los Vilos to Santiago de Chile (Santiago de Chile, Chile)

16-Jan-2010: La Serena to Los Vilos (Los Vilos, Chile)

15-Jan-2010: Walked to and along the beach, not very impressive (La Serena, Chile)

14-Jan-2010: Copiapo to La Serena (La Serena, Chile)

13-Jan-2010: Antofagasta to Copiapo (Copiapo, Chile)

12-Jan-2010: From San Pedro via Calama to Antofagasta (Antofagasta, Chile)

11-Jan-2010: Visited a cool cave north of town (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)

10-Jan-2010: Visited hot springs and moved into Chile (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)

9-Jan-2010: San Juan to Laguna Colorado (Laguna Colorado, Bolivia)

8-Jan-2010: Trip in a jeep to the Salar de Uyuni salt flats (San Juan, Bolivia)

7-Jan-2010: Potosi to Uyuni (Uyuni, Bolivia)

6-Jan-2010: Trip into the mines, very tough for 2 hours, but locals work there for 40 years. (Potosi, Bolivia)

5-Jan-2010: Around town with Luke and a visit to the dentist. (Potosi, Bolivia)

4-Jan-2010: Back to the great Koala Den hostel in Potosi (Potosi, Bolivia)

3-Jan-2010: Exploring the old Bolivian capital (Sucre, Bolivia)

2-Jan-2010: Potosi to Sucre (Sucre, Bolivia)

1-Jan-2010: Recovering from a great New Years Eve party (Potosi, Bolivia)

31-Dec-2009: Bought a new MP3 player for 15 Euros (Potosi, Bolivia)

30-Dec-2009: Checking out the cool town (Potosi, Bolivia)

29-Dec-2009: Oruro to Potosi (Potosi, Bolivia)

28-Dec-2009: La Paz to Oruro (Oruro, Bolivia)

27-Dec-2009: Day trip into the south of the city, canyons and mountains (La Paz, Bolivia)

26-Dec-2009: Day trip to Chacaltaya, 5380 m, a new personal altitude record (La Paz, Bolivia)

25-Dec-2009: Christmas day (La Paz, Bolivia)

24-Dec-2009: Trying to get into Christmas mood (La Paz, Bolivia)

23-Dec-2009: Relaxing in sunny La Paz (La Paz, Bolivia)

22-Dec-2009: 17 hour bus ride back into the Andes (La Paz, Bolivia)

22-Dec-2009: On the death road up into the Andes (On The Road, Bolivia)

21-Dec-2009: Waiting in the rain for the bus to leave (Rurrenabaque / Road, Bolivia)

20-Dec-2009: Goodbye to Veronica and the Brits on a very hot day (Rurrenabaque, Bolivia)

19-Dec-2009: Swimming with pink dolphins (Rurrenabaque, Bolivia)

18-Dec-2009: Watching alligators and other wildlife in the pampa (Amazonian Pampa, Bolivia)

17-Dec-2009: Looking for Anacondas in the Pampa (Amazonian Pampa, Bolivia)

16-Dec-2009: Relaxing day in the hammock (Rurrenabaque, Bolivia)

15-Dec-2009: Feeling a bit unwell from the local water (Rurrenabaque, Bolivia)

14-Dec-2009: Flight down 4000m into the Amazon basin (Rurrenabaque, Bolivia)

13-Dec-2009: Flight was canceled, stuck around in town (La Paz, Bolivia)

12-Dec-2009: Work: clean-up and back-ups (La Paz, Bolivia)

11-Dec-2009: Booked a flight to the amazon region (La Paz, Bolivia)

10-Dec-2009: Worked on contact messages and finished of insurance papers (La Paz, Bolivia)

8-Dec-2009: Bought a new camera and studied the manual. (La Paz, Bolivia)

7-Dec-2009: At the tourist police, started shopping for bag and camera (La Paz, Bolivia)

6-Dec-2009: Election day, very quiet of the streets, everythings closed (La Paz, Bolivia)

5-Dec-2009: Long walk to the valley of the moon. (La Paz, Bolivia)

4-Dec-2009: Work: testing and refactoring (La Paz, Bolivia)

3-Dec-2009: Work: remove last upload panels in shop and directory (La Paz, Bolivia)

2-Dec-2009: Work: Datatable transfer to classic asp, json date problems (La Paz, Bolivia)

1-Dec-2009: Work: Testing and fixing some issues (La Paz, Bolivia)

30-Nov-2009: Work: started on tasks, some style sheet work. (La Paz, Bolivia)

29-Nov-2009: Work: Introduces Lib.BizResult object and refactored lots of stuff to use it. (La Paz, Bolivia)

28-Nov-2009: Work: finished porting of Bands module (La Paz, Bolivia)

27-Nov-2009: Work: more refeactoring and work on Radio Sessions (La Paz, Bolivia)

26-Nov-2009: Finished a whole bottle of rum with Jamie at the hostel. (La Paz, Bolivia)

25-Nov-2009: Work: finished work on releases, started testing (La Paz, Bolivia)

24-Nov-2009: More work on the releases module, over 1000 lines of JavaScript for one page. (La Paz, Bolivia)

23-Nov-2009: Started work on the releases module (La Paz, Bolivia)

22-Nov-2009: Work on adding JavaScript minifying to the build process (La Paz, Bolivia)

21-Nov-2009: Work on Record label management module (La Paz, Bolivia)

20-Nov-2009: Work on cleaning up and fixing database schema (La Paz, Bolivia)

19-Nov-2009: A day in La Paz (La Paz, Bolivia)

18-Nov-2009: Work on Faq tool (La Paz, Bolivia)

17-Nov-2009: Work on Content tool and testing new features. Build 500 (La Paz, Bolivia)

16-Nov-2009: Work on File Browser and new Content Tool (La Paz, Bolivia)

15-Nov-2009: Work on Minify action for Kampot (La Paz, Bolivia)

14-Nov-2009: Work on Page preview (La Paz, Bolivia)

13-Nov-2009: Work on Ajaxifying page editing (La Paz, Bolivia)

12-Nov-2009: More work on the Topas CMS (La Paz, Bolivia)

11-Nov-2009: Started looking into mvc (La Paz, Bolivia)

10-Nov-2009: Work on the Visited countries tool (La Paz, Bolivia)

9-Nov-2009: To the ruins at Tiahuanacu with Tom, Jamie and Oliver (La Paz, Bolivia)

8-Nov-2009: Back working, added many small features. (La Paz, Bolivia)

7-Nov-2009: Long walk to Zona Sur, it is a different world down there. (La Paz, Bolivia)

6-Nov-2009: Working on static TweeNet home page (La Paz, Bolivia)

5-Nov-2009: Hanging out with Oliver and Tom (La Paz, Bolivia)

4-Nov-2009: Shopping (La Paz, Bolivia)

3-Nov-2009: Sick in bed, most likely market food. (La Paz, Bolivia)

2-Nov-2009: Holiday, everything is closed (La Paz, Bolivia)

1-Nov-2009: Lazy Sunday (La Paz, Bolivia)

31-Oct-2009: Back to the lower parts of town (La Paz, Bolivia)

30-Oct-2009: Back to work, porting web-forms to AJAX based forms (La Paz, Bolivia)

29-Oct-2009: Looking for a good internet cafe to work and meals with Jessica (La Paz, Bolivia)

28-Oct-2009: Exploring the lower rich parts of La Paz (La Paz, Bolivia)

27-Oct-2009: Exploring downtown La Paz with Zuzana (La Paz, Bolivia)

26-Oct-2009: Trekking with Zuzana on Isla De La Sol (La Paz, Bolivia)

25-Oct-2009: Puna into Bolivia and on to the Isla De La Sol (Isla De La Sol, Bolivia)

24-Oct-2009: Cusco to Puno (Puno, Peru)

23-Oct-2009: Working because it is a rainy day (Cusco, Peru)

22-Oct-2009: Back to work (Cusco, Peru)

21-Oct-2009: Relaxing in Cusco (Cusco, Peru)

20-Oct-2009: Hike to and around Machu Picchu, amazing! (Cusco, Peru)

19-Oct-2009: Walk along the river for seven hours (Aquas Calientes, Peru)

18-Oct-2009: Walk along the river and the inka step in the mountains. (Santa Teresa, Peru)

17-Oct-2009: Downhill mountain biking toward as the start of a four day trek to Machu Picchu (Santa Maria, Peru)

16-Oct-2009: Created a single-sign-on solution for Topas sites (Cusco, Peru)

15-Oct-2009: Back into the hills for more Inka ruins (Cusco, Peru)

14-Oct-2009: Worked on lots of small fixes and enhancments (Cusco, Peru)

13-Oct-2009: Fixing some problems, "stupid time zones" (Cusco, Peru)

12-Oct-2009: First real rain in months, I'm glad I am not hiking now (Cusco, Peru)

11-Oct-2009: Recovering in the sun from last nights sickness (Cusco, Peru)

10-Oct-2009: Moved into a new hostel (Cusco, Peru)

9-Oct-2009: At the Inka complex of Sacsayhuamán (Cusco, Peru)

8-Oct-2009: Some work on 403.4 status pages (Cusco, Peru)

7-Oct-2009: Programming work on Publish Actions for Topas (Cusco, Peru)

6-Oct-2009: Long bus ride from Arequipa to Cusco (Cusco, Peru)

5-Oct-2009: Recovering from three hard days of hiking (Arequipa, Peru)

4-Oct-2009: Out of the canyon, hot springs and back to Arequipa (Arequipa, Peru)

3-Oct-2009: Hiking in the Colca Canyon (Oasis in Colca Canyon, Peru)

2-Oct-2009: Down into the Colca Canyon (Colca Canyon, Peru)

1-Oct-2009: Day 400 - Finishing up IT work (Arequipa, Peru)

30-Sep-2009: Deployment of new features (Arequipa, Peru)

29-Sep-2009: More random IT work (Arequipa, Peru)

28-Sep-2009: Testing and documenting Kampot 2.0 (Arequipa, Peru)

27-Sep-2009: More work on Kampot 2.0 (Arequipa, Peru)

26-Sep-2009: Working on Kampot Services Vs. 2.0 (Arequipa, Peru)

25-Sep-2009: Removed themes from my CMS (Arequipa, Peru)

24-Sep-2009: More programming in the internet cafe at the main square (Arequipa, Peru)

23-Sep-2009: Working on Kampot integration with InkaCopy (Arequipa, Peru)

22-Sep-2009: Working on InkaCopy (Arequipa, Peru)

21-Sep-2009: Moved into different hostel, fixed live-web-server problems (Arequipa, Peru)

20-Sep-2009: Nasca to Arequipa (Arequipa, Peru)

19-Sep-2009: Flight in a Cessna over the Nasca Lines (Nazca, Peru)

18-Sep-2009: Lima to Nazca (Nazca, Peru)

17-Sep-2009: Writing documentation in La Victoria (Lima, Peru)

16-Sep-2009: More programming in La Victoria (Lima, Peru)

15-Sep-2009: Programming in La Victoria (Lima, Peru)

14-Sep-2009: Online and shopping for new shoes (Lima, Peru)

13-Sep-2009: Long walk to Barranco, along the beach to Miraflores and back to La Victory (Lima, Peru)

12-Sep-2009: To Cerro San Christobal with Jose (Lima, Peru)

11-Sep-2009: Walked to Lima centro around there and back. (Lima, Peru)

10-Sep-2009: Data recovery and moved into Jose's house (Lima, Peru)

9-Sep-2009: Wrote new backup script with automatic upload to Skydrive (Lima, Peru)

8-Sep-2009: Made more backups and file organisation (Lima, Peru)

7-Sep-2009: Bought a new hard drive and made backups (Lima, Peru)

6-Sep-2009: Watching the parade in Miraflores (Lima, Peru)

5-Sep-2009: Wet day in Miraflores (Lima, Peru)

4-Sep-2009: Exploring Miraflores (Lima, Peru)

3-Sep-2009: Barranca to Lima (Lima, Peru)

2-Sep-2009: Huaraz to Barranca (Barranca, Peru)

1-Sep-2009: Into the Cordillera Negro with Bas and Sickney (Huaraz, Peru)

31-Aug-2009: Day hike around Huaraz (Huaraz, Peru)

30-Aug-2009: Lazy Sunday in Huaraz (Huaraz, Peru)

29-Aug-2009: Caraz to Huaraz (Huaraz, Peru)

28-Aug-2009: Relaxing in the sun in Caraz (Caraz, Peru)

27-Aug-2009: Chimbote to Caraz via the a beautiful Canyon (Caraz, Peru)

26-Aug-2009: Trujillo to Chimbote (Nuevo Chimbote, Peru)

25-Aug-2009: Visiting the ruins of Chan Chan (Trujillo, Peru)

24-Aug-2009: Cajamarca to Trujillo (Trujillo, Peru)

23-Aug-2009: Another lazy day in Cajamarca (Cajamarca, Peru)

22-Aug-2009: Lazy day in Cajamarca (Cajamarca, Peru)

21-Aug-2009: Long day on the road from Chachapoyas to Cajamarca (Cajamarca, Peru)

20-Aug-2009: Relaxing and spending time online (Chachapoyas, Peru)

19-Aug-2009: Visited the acient town of Kuelap (Chachapoyas, Peru)

18-Aug-2009: Daytrip to the 771m (2529ft) Gocta Cataracts waterfall (Chachapoyas, Peru)

17-Aug-2009: Jean to Chachapoyas (Chachapoyas, Peru)

16-Aug-2009: 12 hour bus ride from Vilcabamba into Peru (Jaen, Peru)

15-Aug-2009: Another slow day at the resort (Vilcabamba, Ecuador)

14-Aug-2009: Hike in the mountains around Vilcabamba (Vilcabamba, Ecuador)

13-Aug-2009: Relaxing at the pool in the hammock (Vilcabamba, Ecuador)

12-Aug-2009: Cuenca to Vilcabamba (Vilcabamba, Ecuador)

11-Aug-2009: Some programming and hanging around the hostel (Cuenca, Ecuador)

10-Aug-2009: Slow days treating a minor cold, hot baths in Banoes (Cuenca, Ecuador)

9-Aug-2009: Hiking with the girls in the Parque Nacional Cajas (Cuenca, Ecuador)

8-Aug-2009: Recoving from clubbing with James and the girls (Cuenca, Ecuador)

7-Aug-2009: Strolling around town (Cuenca, Ecuador)

6-Aug-2009: Guayaquil to Cuenca (Cuenca, Ecuador)

5-Aug-2009: Puerto Lopez to Guayaquil (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

4-Aug-2009: Whale and bird watching around Isla Del Plata (Puerto Lopez, Ecuador)

3-Aug-2009: Walking on the Pacific beach (Puerto Lopez, Ecuador)

2-Aug-2009: Quevedo to Puerto Lopez on the Pacific coast (Puerto Lopez, Ecuador)

1-Aug-2009: Down from Quilotoa (3900m) to Quevedo (800m) (Quevedo, Ecuador)

31-Jul-2009: 5 hour walk on the rim around volcanco Quilotoa (Quilotoa, Ecuador)

30-Jul-2009: Cotopaxi to Quilotoa (Quilotoa, Ecuador)

29-Jul-2009: Up to volcano Ruminahui and mountain biking back down (Cotopaxi, Ecuador)

28-Jul-2009: Up to the glacier of volcano Cotopaxi (5000m) (Cotopaxi, Ecuador)

27-Jul-2009: Quito to Cotopaxi National Park (Cotopaxi, Ecuador)

26-Jul-2009: Last day in Quito, lazy Sunday in the sun (Quito, Ecuador)

25-Jul-2009: Some IT work and a walk up to the hills on the east side of town (Quito, Ecuador)

24-Jul-2009: Long Walk to the North side of Quito (Quito, Ecuador)

23-Jul-2009: Relaxing and shopping in Quito (Quito, Ecuador)

22-Jul-2009: Up to 4100m with the TeleferiQo and then hiked to the top of the Pichincha volcano (Quito, Ecuador)

21-Jul-2009: Up the Virgin of El Panecillo and the towers of the basilica (Quito, Ecuador)

20-Jul-2009: Daytrip to the Middle of the world, the equator (Quito, Ecuador)

18-Jul-2009: Otavalo to Quito (Quito, Ecuador)

18-Jul-2009: Market day in Otavalo (Otavalo, Ecuador)

17-Jul-2009: Walked around the Laguna de la San Pablo (Otavalo, Ecuador)

16-Jul-2009: Into Ecuador (Otavalo, Ecuador)

15-Jul-2009: From Pasto to Ipiales (Ipiales, Colombia)

14-Jul-2009: From Popayan to Pasto (Pasto, Colombia)

13-Jul-2009: Walking in the countryside around Popayan (Popayan, Colombia)

12-Jul-2009: Relaxed Sunday in Popayan (Popayan, Colombia)

11-Jul-2009: Cali to Popayan (Popayan, Colombia)

10-Jul-2009: Exploring Cali (Cali, Colombia)

9-Jul-2009: Salento to Cali (Cali, Colombia)

8-Jul-2009: Tour of a coffee plantation (Salento, Colombia)

7-Jul-2009: Hiking trip in the zona cafetera (Salento, Colombia)

6-Jul-2009: Medellin to Salento (Salento, Colombia)

5-Jul-2009: Some IT work at the hostel (Medellin, Colombia)

4-Jul-2009: Long walk to the south side of Medellin (Medellin, Colombia)

3-Jul-2009: Daytrip to Santa Fe (Medellin, Colombia)

2-Jul-2009: A great daytrip to Guatape (Medellin, Colombia)

1-Jul-2009: Still feeling a bit sick in the stomach (Medellin, Colombia)

29-Jun-2009: More IT computer work in the Blacksheep hostel (Medellin, Colombia)

28-Jun-2009: Fighting viruses on XP and Vista in the hostel (Medellin, Colombia)

27-Jun-2009: Exploring west of downtown with six fellow travelers (Medellin, Colombia)

26-Jun-2009: Orientation day in Medellin (Medellin, Colombia)

24-Jun-2009: La Dorada to Medellin (Medellin, Colombia)

24-Jun-2009: Bogota to La Dorada (La Dorada, Colombia)

23-Jun-2009: Up the hill to Monserrat (Bogota, Colombia)

22-Jun-2009: Bicycle tour through Bogota (Bogota, Colombia)

21-Jun-2009: Visited the Gold and the National museums (Bogota, Colombia)

20-Jun-2009: More blogging and walking around downtown (Bogota, Colombia)

19-Jun-2009: Art museums and tech blogging (Bogota, Colombia)

18-Jun-2009: Doing an interview for an internet radio station (Bogota, Colombia)

17-Jun-2009: Exploring the old parts of Bogota (Bogota, Colombia)

16-Jun-2009: Villa de Leyva to Bogota (Bogota, Colombia)

15-Jun-2009: A hike to waterfalls and lookout, hailstorm in the evening (Villa De Leyva, Colombia)

14-Jun-2009: San Gil to Villa De Leyva (Villa De Leyva, Colombia)

13-Jun-2009: Recovering in the parks of San Gil (San Gil, Colombia)

12-Jun-2009: Long walk from the mountain town of Barichara to San Gil (San Gil, Colombia)

11-Jun-2009: Walking in and around San Gil (San Gil, Colombia)

10-Jun-2009: Mud caving in San Gil (San Gil, Colombia)

9-Jun-2009: From Cucata to San Gil (San Gil, Colombia)

8-Jun-2009: From Merida back to Cucuta (Cucata, Colombia)

7-Jun-2009: Final day in Merida (Merida, Venezuela)

6-Jun-2009: A visit to the local zoo (Merida, Venezuela)

5-Jun-2009: Daytrip into the mountains, long walk and a bath under a waterfall (Merida, Venezuela)

4-Jun-2009: Walking around town (Merida, Venezuela)

3-Jun-2009: San Christobal to Merida (Merida, Venezuela)

2-Jun-2009: Bucaramango to St. Christobal in Venezuela (San Christobal, Venezuela)

1-Jun-2009: Daytrip to the beautiful town of Giron (Bucaramanga, Colombia)

31-May-2009: A long road trip from Mompox to Bucaramanga (Bucaramanga, Colombia)

30-May-2009: Cycling and walking in Mompox (Mompox, Colombia)

29-May-2009: Santa Marta to Mompox (Mompox, Colombia)

28-May-2009: A day in Santa Marta (Santa Marta, Colombia)

27-May-2009: Cartagena to Santa Marta (Santa Marta, Colombia)

26-May-2009: still in Cartagena (Cartagena, Colombia)

25-May-2009: Long walk in the Boco Grande part of town (Cartagena, Colombia)

24-May-2009: Slow day in the old town (Cartagena, Colombia)

22-May-2009: Arrived in Cartagena, Colombia (Cartagena, Colombia)

22-May-2009: In the waters off Cartagena (Cartagena, Colombia)

21-May-2009: On the open ocean on the Ave Maria (On the Ocean, Panama)

20-May-2009: 4th night on the boat in San Blas (San Blas Islands, Panama)

19-May-2009: 3rd night on the boat in San Blas (San Blas Islands, Panama)

18-May-2009: 2nd night on the boat in San Blas (San Blas Islands, Panama)

17-May-2009: 1st night on the boat in San Blas (San Blas Islands, Panama)

16-May-2009: Another long walk, from shopping malls into the jungle (Panama City, Panama)

15-May-2009: Sightseeing and shopping (Panama City, Panama)

14-May-2009: Walked to the islands at the end of the causeway (Panama City, Panama)

13-May-2009: Moved to a hostel in downtown Panama city (Panama City, Panama)

12-May-2009: Working on a podcast aggregator (Panama City, Panama)

11-May-2009: Trip to the Miraflores locks at the Panama canal (Panama City, Panama)

10-May-2009: Walk up the Cerro Ancon and around Balboa in the old canal zone (Panama City, Panama)

9-May-2009: Hiding from the heat on the twelfth floor of the Torres Espana (Pamana City, Panama)

8-May-2009: By train from the Atlantic to the Pacific (Pamana City, Panama)

7-May-2009: 6 hour walk to Casco Viejo and back (Panama City, Panama)

6-May-2009: Sightseeing in Panama Viejo (Panama City, Panama)

5-May-2009: Santa Fe to Panama City (Panama City, Panama)

4-May-2009: From David back into the mountains to Sante Fe (Santa Fe, Panama)

3-May-2009: Quiet election day (David, Panama)

2-May-2009: On the Quetzal trek in the mountains (Boquete, Panama)

1-May-2009: Walking in the hills around Boquete (Boquete, Panama)

30-Apr-2009: Neilly to Waterfall Hostel (Dolega, Panama)

29-Apr-2009: San Jose to Neilly (Ciadad Neilly, Costa Rica)

28-Apr-2009: Final touches to the first jQuery version. (San Jose, Costa Rica)

27-Apr-2009: Testing the new features and deployment to live server (San Jose, Costa Rica)

26-Apr-2009: Long walk to the west side of the city (San Jose, Costa Rica)

25-Apr-2009: More software work (San Jose, Costa Rica)

24-Apr-2009: Starting using JavaScript objects (San Jose, Costa Rica)

23-Apr-2009: Working on compressing and combining JavaScript files (San Jose, Costa Rica)

22-Apr-2009: Working on Frank's new Vista laptop (San Jose, Costa Rica)

21-Apr-2009: Working away on my travel web site (San Jose, Costa Rica)

20-Apr-2009: Back working on Ajax (San Jose, Costa Rica)

18-Apr-2009: In the cloud forest of Monteverde (Santa Elena, Costa Rica)

17-Apr-2009: Santa Elena back to San Jose (San Jose, Costa Rica)

17-Apr-2009: San Jose to Santa Elena (Santa Elena, Costa Rica)

16-Apr-2009: Yet another day in San Jose (San Jose, Costa Rica)

15-Apr-2009: Hot last day in San Jose (San Jose, Costa Rica)

14-Apr-2009: More exploring of San Jose (San Jose, Costa Rica)

13-Apr-2009: Bought new glasses (San Jose, Costa Rica)

12-Apr-2009: Lazy Easter Sunday (San Jose, Costa Rica)

11-Apr-2009: Shopping and exploring the city (San Jose, Costa Rica)

9-Apr-2009: Liberia to the capitol San Jose (San Jose, Costa Rica)

9-Apr-2009: Granada to Liberia in Costa Rica (Liberia, Costa Rica)

8-Apr-2009: Last day in Granada (Granada, Nicaragua)

7-Apr-2009: Travelog refactoring and cleanup (Granada, Nicaragua)

6-Apr-2009: Yet another day working in Granada (Granada, Nicaragua)

5-Apr-2009: More Ajax work on my travel web site (Granada, Nicaragua)

4-Apr-2009: A day in Granada (Granada, Nicaragua)

3-Apr-2009: Spending more time at the PC and in the pool (Granada, Nicaragua)

2-Apr-2009: Isla de Ometepe back to Granada (Granada, Nicaragua)

1-Apr-2009: Along Madera volcano and big birthday dinner (Santa Domingo on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua)

31-Mar-2009: Granada to Isla de Ometepe (Santa Domingo on Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua)

30-Mar-2009: Cleaning up the effects of a really nasty virus (Granada, Nicaragua)

29-Mar-2009: Working with jQuery and Ajax (Granada, Nicaragua)

28-Mar-2009: Learning ASP.NET MVC at the hostel (Granada, Nicaragua)

27-Mar-2009: Some sightseeing in Granada (Granada, Nicaragua)

26-Mar-2009: Online day in the hostel (Granada, Nicaragua)

24-Mar-2009: Daytrip to the capital Managua (Granada, Nicaragua)

24-Mar-2009: Hanging out in Granada (Granada, Nicaragua)

23-Mar-2009: Leon to Granada via Managua (Granada, Nicaragua)

22-Mar-2009: Lazy Sunday in Leon (Leon, Nicaragua)

21-Mar-2009: On the Pacific beaches near Leon (Leon, Nicaragua)

20-Mar-2009: Working on jQuery and JSON (Leon, Nicaragua)

19-Mar-2009: Working on project Juayua (Leon, Nicaragua)

18-Mar-2009: Esteli to Leon (Leon, Nicaragua)

17-Mar-2009: Tegucigalpa to Esteli in Nicaragua (Esteli, Nicaragua)

16-Mar-2009: Pena Blanca to Tegucigalpa (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

15-Mar-2009: La Ceiba to Pena Blanca (Pena Blanca, Honduras)

14-Mar-2009: White Water Rafting near La Ceiba (La Ceiba, Honduras)

13-Mar-2009: Great snorkeling at the Lighthouse reef (Utila, Honduras)

12-Mar-2009: Great snorkeling along the reef of Utila (Utila, Honduras)

11-Mar-2009: Getting sunburned on the beach on Utila (Utila, Honduras)

10-Mar-2009: San Pedro Sula to Utila (Bay Islands) (Utila, Honduras)

9-Mar-2009: La Palma to San Pedro Sula (San Pedro Sula, Honduras)

8-Mar-2009: San Salvador to La Palma (La Palma, El Salvador)

7-Mar-2009: Exploring more of hot San Salvador (San Salvador, El Salvador)

6-Mar-2009: Juayua to San Salvador, got lost in the capital (San Salvador, El Salvador)

5-Mar-2009: Relaxing in the hammock in the courtyard in Juayua (Juayua, El Salvador)

4-Mar-2009: At the waterfalls of Juayua (Juayua, El Salvador)

3-Mar-2009: Ahuachapan to Juayua (Juayua, El Salvador)

2-Mar-2009: Guatemala City to Ahuachapan (Ahuachapan, El Salvador)

1-Mar-2009: Museum day in Guatemala City (Guatemala City, Guatemala)

28-Feb-2009: In the shopping malls of Guatemala City (Guatemala City, Guatemala)

27-Feb-2009: From Xela to Guatemala City (Guatemala City, Guatemala)

26-Feb-2009: Writing travelog and fixing web site problems. (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

25-Feb-2009: Still suffering from muscle ache and playing with Windows 7 (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

24-Feb-2009: Recovering from major hike, downloading Win7 (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

23-Feb-2009: Tough hike up to the Santa Maria volcano, 3770 meters (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

22-Feb-2009: Lazy day in Xela talking to interesting Texan woman (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

21-Feb-2009: coding with the Twitter API in Xela, Guatemala (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

20-Feb-2009: Recovering from the bike ride yesterday (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

19-Feb-2009: Cycled to the hot springs in the mountains with Max (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

18-Feb-2009: Online day in Quetzaltenango (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

17-Feb-2009: Orientation day in Quetzaltenango (Xela) (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

16-Feb-2009: San Pedro to Xela (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

15-Feb-2009: Market day in San Pedro (San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala)

14-Feb-2009: Spanish homework in San Pedro (San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala)

13-Feb-2009: Walking along the shores of Lake Atitlan (San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala)

12-Feb-2009: Antigua to San Pedro la Laguna (San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala)

11-Feb-2009: Sightseeing in Antigua and last class with Aura (Antigua, Guatemala)

10-Feb-2009: Watching lava on volcano Pacaya (Antigua, Guatemala)

9-Feb-2009: More Spanish classes in Antigua (Antigua, Guatemala)

8-Feb-2009: Hanging out and Spanish homework (Antigua, Guatemala)

7-Feb-2009: Lazy Saturday and doing some homework (Antigua, Guatemala)

6-Feb-2009: Fifth day of lessons with Aura (Antigua, Guatemala)

5-Feb-2009: Moved into private house to stay with a family (Antigua, Guatemala)

4-Feb-2009: Spanish lessons with local teacher Aura (Antigua, Guatemala)

3-Feb-2009: Learning my first regular verbs in Spanish (Antigua, Guatemala)

2-Feb-2009: My first Spanish lessons (Antigua, Guatemala)

1-Feb-2009: Lanquin to Antigua (Antigua, Guatemala)

31-Jan-2009: Rainy day in Lanquin (Lanquin, Guatemala)

30-Jan-2009: Recovering in Lanquin (Lanquin, Guatemala)

29-Jan-2009: At the pools of Semuc Champey and the caves in Lanquin (Lanquin, Guatemala)

28-Jan-2009: Lazy day at the river in Lanquin (Lanquin, Guatemala)

27-Jan-2009: Flores to Lanquin (Lanquin, Guatemala)

26-Jan-2009: Laundry and Internet day in Flores (Flores, Guatemala)

25-Jan-2009: Hike to La Carmelita and back to Flores (Flores, Guatemala)

24-Jan-2009: 9 hour hike from Nakbe to La Florida (La Florida, Guatemala)

23-Jan-2009: From El Mirador to the ruins of Nakbe (Nakbe, Guatemala)

22-Jan-2009: At the ruins of El Mirador (El Mirador, Guatemala)

21-Jan-2009: Hike from El Tintal to the ruins of El Mirador (El Mirador, Guatemala)

20-Jan-2009: Bus to La Carmelita, then hike to camp El Tintal (Camp El Tintal, Guatemala)

19-Jan-2009: Fantastic day at the Maja ruins of Tikal (Flores, Guatemala)

18-Jan-2009: First sunny day in Guatemala (Flores, Guatemala)

17-Jan-2009: Getting tired of the continues rain in Flores (Flores, Guatemala)

16-Jan-2009: Another rainy day in Flores (Flores, Guatemala)

15-Jan-2009: Paperwork in Flores (Flores, Guatemala)

14-Jan-2009: Rainy day in the hostel in Flores (Flores, Guatemala)

13-Jan-2009: San Ingnacio to Flores (Flores, Guatemala)

12-Jan-2009: Belize City, Belmopan and San Ingnacio (San Ingnacio, Belize)

11-Jan-2009: Reading about Guatemala in the hammock (Caye Caulker, Belize)

10-Jan-2009: With Pauline in a boat on the split in Caye Caulker (Caye Caulker, Belize)

9-Jan-2009: Snorkeling off Caye Caulker (Caye Caulker, Belize)

8-Jan-2009: Belize City to Caye Caulker (Caye Caulker, Belize)

7-Jan-2009: Chetumal to Belize City (Belize City, Belize)

6-Jan-2009: Tulum to Chetumal, last day in Mexico (Chetumal, Mexico)

5-Jan-2009: Maya ruins in Coba and then on back to the beach (Tulum, Mexico)

4-Jan-2009: Maya ruins in Tulum and then on the fantastic beach (Tulum, Mexico)

3-Jan-2009: Cancun to Tulum (Tulum, Mexico)

2-Jan-2009: Shopping in Cancun to replace the stolen stuff (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

1-Jan-2009: Recovering from New Years eve (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

31-Dec-2008: Shopping in Cancun / hotel room broken into (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

30-Dec-2008: Lazy day in Isla Mujeres (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

29-Dec-2008: Walked around the island with Liz (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

28-Dec-2008: Valladolid to Isla Mujeres (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)

27-Dec-2008: Another day at the ruins of Chichen Itza (Valladalid, Mexico)

26-Dec-2008: At the Maja ruins of Chichen Itza (Piste, Mexico)

25-Dec-2008: Lazy Christmas day in a hammock (Merida, Mexico)

24-Dec-2008: Relaxing christmas eve in Merida (Merida, Mexico)

23-Dec-2008: Walked 32km to the Cuzama cenotes caves and swam in them (Merida, Mexico)

22-Dec-2008: At the Maya ruins of Uxmal (Merida, Mexico)

21-Dec-2008: Campeche to Ticul (Ticul, Mexico)

20-Dec-2008: At the Maya ruins in Edzna (Campeche, Mexico)

19-Dec-2008: Another day in Campeche (Campeche, Mexico)

18-Dec-2008: Beaches and fortresses in Campeche (Campeche, Mexico)

17-Dec-2008: Palenque to Campeche (Campeche, Mexico)

16-Dec-2008: At the Maja ruins of Palenque (Palenque, Mexico)

15-Dec-2008: Lazy day in my jungle cabena in Palenque (Palenque, Mexico)

14-Dec-2008: San Cristobal to Palenque (Palenque, Mexico)

13-Dec-2008: Up to the churches in San Cristobal (San Cristobal, Mexico)

12-Dec-2008: Dia de la virgen de Guadalupe (San Cristobal, Mexico)

11-Dec-2008: On the market in San Juan Chamula (San Cristobal, Mexico)

10-Dec-2008: Tuxtla to San Cristobal (San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico)

9-Dec-2008: Boat ride in the Canon del Sumidero near Chiapa de Corzo (Tuxtla, Mexico)

8-Dec-2008: Tehuantepec to Tuxtla (Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico)

7-Dec-2008: Puerto Angel to Tehuantepec (Tehuantepec, Mexico)

6-Dec-2008: Snorkel tour in Puerto Angel (Puerto Angel, Mexico)

5-Dec-2008: Puerto Escondido to Puerto Angel (Puerto Angel, Mexico)

4-Dec-2008: Body surfing in Puerto Escondido (Puerto Escondido, Mexico)

3-Dec-2008: On the beach in Puerto Escondido (Puerto Escondido, Mexico)

2-Dec-2008: Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido by mini-bus (Puerto Escondido, Mexico)

1-Dec-2008: Sightseeing in Oaxaca (Oaxaca, Mexico)

30-Nov-2008: On the markets in Oaxaca (Oaxaca, Mexico)

29-Nov-2008: Cycling up to Mount Alban (Oaxaca, Mexico)

28-Nov-2008: Swimming at Hierve El Agua in the mountains (Oaxaca, Mexico)

27-Nov-2008: Tuxtepec to Oaxaca (Oaxaca, Mexico)

26-Nov-2008: Veracruz to Tuxtepec (Tuxtepec, Mexico)

25-Nov-2008: Puebla to Veracruz (Veracruz, Mexico)

24-Nov-2008: At the pyramid in Cholula (Puelba, Mexico)

23-Nov-2008: Mexico City to Puelba (Puelba, Mexico)

22-Nov-2008: Long walk and a gig with local bands (Mexico City, Mexico)

21-Nov-2008: Cycling and record shopping in Mexico City (Mexico City, Mexico)

20-Nov-2008: Couch surfers meeting (Mexico City, Mexico)

19-Nov-2008: Shopping and party in Mexico City (Mexico City, Mexico)

17-Nov-2008: Online day in Mexico City (Mexico City, Mexico)

16-Nov-2008: Visiting more museums in Mexico City (Mexico City, Mexico)

15-Nov-2008: At the futball in Mexico City (Mexico City, Mexico)

14-Nov-2008: Climbing up the pyramids in Teotihuacan (Mexico City, Mexico)

13-Nov-2008: At the Moseo Nacional De Antropologia (Mexico City, Mexico)

12-Nov-2008: Cycling along the Paseo de le Reforma (Mexico City, Mexico)

11-Nov-2008: Orientation day in Mexico City (Mexico City, Mexico)

10-Nov-2008: Morelia to Mexico City (Mexico City, Mexico)

9-Nov-2008: Sightseeing in Morelia (Morelia, Mexico)

8-Nov-2008: Guanajauta to Morelia (Morelia, Mexico)

7-Nov-2008: Walking though Guanajuato (Guanajuato, Mexico)

5-Nov-2008: Zacatecas to Guanajuato (Guanajuato, Mexico)

3-Nov-2008: Museums in Zacatecas (Zacatecas, Mexico)

1-Nov-2008: Day of the dead in Zacatecas (Zacatecas, Mexico)

28-Oct-2008: Durango to Zacatecas (Zacatecas, Mexico)

27-Oct-2008: Mazatlan to Durango (Durango, Mexico)

26-Oct-2008: In Mazatlan on the Pacific coast again (Mazatlan, Mexico)

25-Oct-2008: Creel to Mazatlan via Los Mochis (Creel to Mazatlan, Mexico)

23-Oct-2008: In the Copper Canyon (Creel, Mexico)

22-Oct-2008: On the copper canyon train (Posada Barrancas, Mexico)

21-Oct-2008: Alamos to Los Mochis (Los Mochis, Mexico)

19-Oct-2008: In Alamos (Alamos, Mexico)

19-Oct-2008: Taking it easy in Alamos (Alamos, Mexico)

18-Oct-2008: Back in Hermosillo, taking it easy (Hermosillo, Mexico)

17-Oct-2008: On the pacific beaches in Bahia del Kino (Bahia del Kino, Mexico)

16-Oct-2008: First days in Mexico (First days in Mexico, Mexico)

16-Oct-2008: Exploring Hermosillo (Hermosillo, Mexico)

15-Oct-2008: Moving into Mexico via Tijuana (Tijuana, Mexico)

14-Oct-2008: Preparing to enter Mexico in San Diego (San Diego, United States)

13-Oct-2008: From the beaches to the border in San Diego (San Diego, United States)

12-Oct-2008: Los Angeles to San Diego (San Diego, United States)

11-Oct-2008: Gamble house in Pasadena and farewell party (Los Angeles, United States)

10-Oct-2008: Walking in Beverly Hills, dinner in little Tokyo (Los Angeles, United States)

9-Oct-2008: Hiking on the Hollywood hills (Los Angeles, United States)

8-Oct-2008: Recording an Internet radio show and moving to Hollywood (Los Angeles, United States)

7-Oct-2008: Downtown L.A. and the Getty Museum (Los Angeles, United States)

6-Oct-2008: Exploring Santa Monica and Venice Beach (Los Angeles, United States)

4-Oct-2008: Santa Barbara to Los Angeles (Los Angeles, United States)

3-Oct-2008: Train from Oakland to Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, United States)

2-Oct-2008: Shopping and sightseeing in Berkeley (Oakland, United States)

1-Oct-2008: Around the Presidio and Golden Gate (Berkeley, United States)

30-Sep-2008: Walk to the hills, dinner party at Victors (San Francisco, United States)

29-Sep-2008: Long Walk in San Francisco (Oakland, United States)

28-Sep-2008: A day with Christina, Maz and Shirley (San Francisco, United States)

27-Sep-2008: Relaxed day at the bay (El Cerrito, United States)

26-Sep-2008: Sacramento to Bay Area (El Cerrito, United States)

25-Sep-2008: Long walk in Portland (Portland to Sacramento, Eugene, United States)

24-Sep-2008: Sightseeing in Portland (Portland, United States)

23-Sep-2008: More shopping in Portland (Portland, United States)

22-Sep-2008: Shopping in Portland (Portland, United States)

21-Sep-2008: Day out at some waterfalls (Portland, United States)

20-Sep-2008: Seattle to Portland (Portland, United States)

19-Sep-2008: Day at the library (Seattle, United States)

18-Sep-2008: Moving from Ballard to Bremerton (Bremerton, United States)

18-Sep-2008: The first three weeks (Seattle, United States)

17-Sep-2008: More Thrift shopping (Seattle, United States)

16-Sep-2008: Email and Research Day, drinks in Columbia City (Seattle, United States)

15-Sep-2008: Shopping in Redmond, user group meeting (Seattle, United States)

14-Sep-2008: Doing the Puyallup fair (Seattle, United States)

13-Sep-2008: A night out in Ballard (Seattle, United States)

12-Sep-2008: Meeting up with indiepop friends (Seattle, United States)

11-Sep-2008: Canoeing on Lake Washington, (Seattle, United States)

10-Sep-2008: Cycled to Thrift stores south of downtown (Seattle, United States)

9-Sep-2008: Cycled to Lake Town North East Seattle (Seattle, United States)

8-Sep-2008: Get bike in Queen Anne, user group meeting in Redmond (Seattle, United States)

7-Sep-2008: Brunch in Fremont, bar crawl with Scott (Seattle, United States)

6-Sep-2008: Visit Barbara and Kevin, Steve Ts birthday party (Seattle, United States)

5-Sep-2008: Long walk in Seattle (Seattle, United States)

4-Sep-2008: Lazy day in Ballard (Seattle, United States)

3-Sep-2008: Shopping in Ballard and Columbia City (Seattle, United States)

2-Sep-2008: Long walk to downtown area (Seattle, United States)

1-Sep-2008: Moved into Olivia's apartment (Seattle, United States)

31-Aug-2008: Lazy morning, afternoon in the Zoo (Seattle, United States)

30-Aug-2008: Family life in Seattle (Seattle, United States)

29-Aug-2008: Recovering from Jet-leg (Seattle, United States)

28-Aug-2008: Flying from Bremen to Seattle with stopover in London (Seattle, United States)