Here is the full itinerary of my trip:

21-Dec-2011: Flight to Germany for Christmas (Bremen, Germany)

20-Dec-2011: Last day in Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)

19-Dec-2011: Bath in Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)

18-Dec-2011: Visited the ruins of Ephesus, night bus to Istanbul (Night Bus, Turkey)

17-Dec-2011: Dalyan to Selcuk (Selcuk, Turkey)

16-Dec-2011: Relaxing wet day in Bahaus resort (Dalyan, Turkey)

15-Dec-2011: Antalya to Dalyan (Dalyan, Turkey)

14-Dec-2011: Sightseeing in Antalya (Antalya, Turkey)

13-Dec-2011: Pamukkale to Antalya (Antalya, Turkey)

12-Dec-2011: In Pamukkale (Pamukkale, Turkey)

11-Dec-2011: Another great hike in the Cappadocian mountains (Overnight bus to Denizli, Turkey)

10-Dec-2011: Walk through Pinacle, White and Love valleys. (Göreme, Turkey)

9-Dec-2011: Hiking in the wonderful Cappadocia mountains (Göreme, Turkey)

8-Dec-2011: Istanbul to Görem via Ankara (Göreme, Turkey)

7-Dec-2011: Wet day in Istanbul, night train to Ankara (Train to Ankara, Turkey)

6-Dec-2011: Ferry cruise on the Bosporus to the Black Sea and back (Istanbul, Turkey)

5-Dec-2011: Moved to Galata, walking around in Beyoglu (Istanbul, Turkey)

4-Dec-2011: Long walk to the western districts with Omar (Istanbul, Turkey)

3-Dec-2011: Grand tour of mosques in Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)

2-Dec-2011: Visited Topkapi palace (Istanbul, Turkey)

1-Dec-2011: Sightseeing in Sultanahmet and the old town (Istanbul, Turkey)

30-Nov-2011: First day in Istanbul (Istanbul, Turkey)

29-Nov-2011: Sightseeing in Plovdiv and night train to Istanbul (Night train to Istanbul, Bulgaria)

28-Nov-2011: Veliko Tarnovo to Plodiv (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

27-Nov-2011: Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)

26-Nov-2011: Daytrip to the Rila Monastery (Sofia, Bulgaria)

25-Nov-2011: Back to the hostel mostel and fixing travel maps issues (Sofia, Bulgaria)

24-Nov-2011: Sightseeing tour in Sofia, Latin-american lunch (Sofia, Bulgaria)

23-Nov-2011: Belogradchik to Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria)

22-Nov-2011: Sofia to Belogradchik (Belogradchik, Bulgaria)

21-Nov-2011: Shopping in Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria)

20-Nov-2011: Sightseeing in Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria)

19-Nov-2011: Skopje to Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria)

18-Nov-2011: Daytrip to the Matka Lake (Skopje, Macedonia)

17-Nov-2011: Walking in Skopje (Skopje, Macedonia)

16-Nov-2011: Sightseeing in Prizrin and back to Skopje (Skopje, Macedonia)

15-Nov-2011: Into Kosovo and sightseeing in Pristina (Pristina, Kosovo)

14-Nov-2011: Sightseeing in Skopje (Skopje, Macedonia)

13-Nov-2011: Ohrid to Skopje (Skopje, Macedonia)

12-Nov-2011: Sightseeing in Ohrid (Ohrid, Macedonia)

11-Nov-2011: Korca to Ohrid along lake Ohrid (Ohrid, Macedonia)

10-Nov-2011: Saranda to Korca (Korca, Albania)

9-Nov-2011: Daytrip to the Roman ruins of Butrint (Saranda, Albania)

8-Nov-2011: Berat to Saranda via Gjiokastra (Saranda, Albania)

7-Nov-2011: Short hike up the mountain and street life viewing in Berat (Berat, Albania)

6-Nov-2011: Tirana to Berat, Berat castle (Berat, Albania)

5-Nov-2011: Shopping in Tirana (Tirana, Albania)

4-Nov-2011: Enjoying the street life in Tirana (Tirana, Albania)

3-Nov-2011: Budvar to Tirana (Tirana, Albania)

2-Nov-2011: Lazy day in the old town (Budvar, Montenegro)

1-Nov-2011: Walk along the coast to Sveti Stefan (Budvar, Montenegro)

31-Oct-2011: Kotor to Budvar (Budvar, Montenegro)

30-Oct-2011: Hike from Kotor to Cetinje (Kotor, Montenegro)

29-Oct-2011: Up the the fortress in Kotor (Kotor, Montenegro)

28-Oct-2011: Podgorica to Kotor (Kotor, Montenegro)

27-Oct-2011: Sarajevo to Podgorica (Podgorica, Montenegro)

26-Oct-2011: Jacja to Sarajevo (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

25-Oct-2011: Sarajevo to Jajce (Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

24-Oct-2011: Sightseeing in partly sunny Sarajevo (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

23-Oct-2011: Mostar to Sarajevo (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

22-Oct-2011: Daytrip to Blagaj (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

21-Oct-2011: Walking in the rain in Mostar (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

20-Oct-2011: Sightseeing in the new town, reviewing photos at the hostel (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

19-Oct-2011: Dubrovnik to Mostar (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

18-Oct-2011: Sightseeing in Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

17-Oct-2011: Makarska to Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

16-Oct-2011: Hiking in beautiful Mt. Biokovo National Park (Makarska, Croatia)

15-Oct-2011: Split to Makarska (Makarska, Croatia)

14-Oct-2011: Day trip to Trogir, hiking in Split (Split, Croatia)

13-Oct-2011: Sibenik to Split (Split, Croatia)

12-Oct-2011: Day drip the Krka National Park (Sibenik, Croatia)

11-Oct-2011: Zadar to Sibenik (Sibenik, Croatia)

10-Oct-2011: Starigrad via "the puebla plateau" to Zadar (Zadar, Croatia)

9-Oct-2011: In the beautiful Plaklenica mountains (Starigrad, Croatia)

8-Oct-2011: In the wonderful Plaklenica National park (Starigrad, Croatia)

7-Oct-2011: Plitvice to Starigrad (Starigrad, Croatia)

6-Oct-2011: Plitvice Lakes (Plitvice Lakes, Croatia)

5-Oct-2011: Ljubljana to Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia)

4-Oct-2011: Around Lake Bled and swimming in it. Gorge (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

3-Oct-2011: Hike up 1200 meters to Vogel, swimming in Lake Bohinjo (Bohinsko Jezero, Slovenia)

2-Oct-2011: Ljubljana to Triglav National Park via Bled (Bohinsko Jezero, Slovenia)

1-Oct-2011: Sightseeing in Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

30-Sep-2011: Budapest to Ljubljana via lake Balaton on the slow train (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

29-Sep-2011: Up the Gellert Hill (Budapest, Hungary)

28-Sep-2011: Shopping and visited the fantastic Szechenyi pools and baths (Budapest, Hungary)

27-Sep-2011: Visited the communist monument park and walked back into the city (Budapest, Hungary)

26-Sep-2011: Sightseeing in old town Buda and then in Pest (Budapest, Hungary)

25-Sep-2011: Sightseeing along Andrassy and Varosliget park (Budapest, Hungary)

24-Sep-2011: Parliament building and walk along the Dunabe (Budapest, Hungary)

23-Sep-2011: Nov Sad via Subotica to Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

22-Sep-2011: Belgrade to Novi Sad (Novi Sad, Serbia)

21-Sep-2011: Tito museum and long walk along the Danube, drinking with the Indiepop Nicolas (Belgrade, Serbia)

20-Sep-2011: Visited the Telsa and Military history museums on a very rainy day (Belgrade, Serbia)

19-Sep-2011: Timisoara to Belgrade and sightseeing there (Belgrade, Serbia)

18-Sep-2011: Relaxed sunday in Timisoara (Timisoara, Romania)

17-Sep-2011: Computer day in Timisoara (Timisoara, Romania)

16-Sep-2011: Brasov to Timisoara via Sibiu (Timisoara, Romania)

15-Sep-2011: Slow hot day in Brasov (Brasov, Romania)

14-Sep-2011: Bran castle (Dracula's castle) and sightseeing in Brasov (Brasov, Romania)

13-Sep-2011: Bukarest and slow train to Brasov (Brasov, Romania)

12-Sep-2011: Sightseeing in Bukarest (Bukarest, Romania)

11-Sep-2011: Iasi to Bukarest (Bukarest, Romania)

10-Sep-2011: Iasi to Suceava, visiting some monestaries (Suceava, Romania)

9-Sep-2011: Chisinau to Iasi (Iasi, Romania)

8-Sep-2011: Odessa to Chisinau (Chisinau, Moldova)

8-Sep-2011: Yalta to Odessa on a night train (Odessa, Ukraine)

6-Sep-2011: To Sevastopol and Yalta (Yalta, Ukraine)

5-Sep-2011: Khans Palace in Bakhchisaray (Bakhchisaray, Ukraine)

4-Sep-2011: Night train from Kiev to the Crimea (Night train from Kiev to the Crimea, Ukraine)

4-Sep-2011: Night train from Kiev to the Crimea (Night train from Kiev to the Crimea, Ukraine)

3-Sep-2011: Sightseeing in Kiev (Kiev, Ukraine)

2-Sep-2011: Night train from Kemenets-Podolskiy to Kiev (Night train from Kemenets-Podolskiy to Kiev, Ukraine)

1-Sep-2011: Lviv (Lviv, Ukraine)

31-Aug-2011: Night train to the Ukraine (Night train to the Ukraine, Slovakia)

30-Aug-2011: Kovice (Kosice, Slovakia)

29-Aug-2011: Lazy day in Zdiar, recovering from the hike (Zdiar, Slovakia)

28-Aug-2011: Hike in the High Tatras (Zdiar, Slovakia)

27-Aug-2011: Krakow to Zdiar in the Slovak High Tatras (Zdiar, Slovakia)

26-Aug-2011: Daytrip to Auschwitz and Birkenau (Krakow, Poland)

25-Aug-2011: Bratislava to Krakow (Krakow, Poland)

24-Aug-2011: Sightseeing and relaxing in Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia)

23-Aug-2011: Vienna to Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia)

22-Aug-2011: Schoenbrunn palace and garden, sightseeing all over Vienna (Vienna, Austria)

21-Aug-2011: Prague to Vienna, sightseeing innere Stadt (Vienna, Austria)

20-Aug-2011: Lots of walking outside the old town (Prague, Czech Republic)

19-Aug-2011: Daytrip to Elbsandsteingebirge near the German border (Prague, Czech Republic)

18-Aug-2011: Daytrip to Kutna Hora for Church and Silver Mine tour (Prague, Czech Republic)

17-Aug-2011: More sightseeing in now very hot Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

16-Aug-2011: Sightseeing in Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

15-Aug-2011: Dresden to Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

14-Aug-2011: Sightseeing in Dresden (Dresden, Germany)

13-Aug-2011: Bremen to Dresden via Leipzig (Dresden, Germany)

5-Aug-2011: Stop over at my parents (Bremen, Germany)

4-Aug-2011: Sighting in Brussels (Liege, Belgium)

3-Aug-2011: Set off in London (London, United Kingdom)