Here is the full itinerary of my trip:

30-Apr-2012: Back in Brighton (Brighton, United Kingdom)

12-Apr-2012: Flying back from Mumbai to Bremen due to family matters (Bremen, Germany)

11-Apr-2012: Final sightseeing and busing day in Mumbai (Mumbai, India)

10-Apr-2012: Boat trip to Elefanta Island (Mumbai, India)

9-Apr-2012: Visited the Global pagoda on an island way up north (Mumbai, India)

8-Apr-2012: Explored more parts of Mumbai by bus and foot (Mumbai, India)

7-Apr-2012: More sightseeing by bus (Mumbai, India)

6-Apr-2012: Walking tour in South Mumbai (Mumbai, India)

5-Apr-2012: First day in Bombay (Mumbai) (Mumbai, India)

4-Apr-2012: In Madgaon, train to Mumbai (Night train to Bombay, India)

3-Apr-2012: Swam to the Island, hiked to the other side, more swimming and beach in the afternoon (Palolem, India)

2-Apr-2012: Walking the tropical beaches of South Goa and a lot of swimming too. (Palolem, India)

1-Apr-2012: Panaji to Palolem (Palolem, India)

31-Mar-2012: Visited Old Goa, walked back to Panaji, walking tours (Panaji / Goa, India)

30-Mar-2012: Hubli to Panaji (Panaji / Goa, India)

29-Mar-2012: Hampi to Hupli (Hubli, India)

28-Mar-2012: Early walk up to another temple hill, relaxing during the afternoon heat (Hampi, India)

27-Mar-2012: Walk to the royal ruins and back to town via country path. Long swim down the river (Hampi, India)

26-Mar-2012: Long walk with Belgian Oliver to remote village, monkey mountain and back to town. (Hampi, India)

25-Mar-2012: Arrived in Hampi after long train ride, dinner with Swiss guy in a roof top restaurants. (Hampi, India)

24-Mar-2012: Visited HAL museum at the old airport and walked back into town, explored more of downtown (Bangalore, India)

23-Mar-2012: Mysore to Bangalore, walk around downtown (Bangalore, India)

22-Mar-2012: Visited Mysore royal palace. (Mysore, India)

21-Mar-2012: Up the hill with Iris, long walk back to town. Railway and other museums (Mysore, India)

20-Mar-2012: Ooty to Mysore, dinner with Iris from Latvia (Mysore, India)

19-Mar-2012: Up to the highest peak in South India, walked back into town, exploring Ooty. (Ooty, India)

18-Mar-2012: Up the mountains to Ooty (Ooty, India)

17-Mar-2012: Three bus rides, Kochie to Mettupalayam (Mettupalayam, India)

16-Mar-2012: still not well. 15 min in an AC restaurant caused this cold (Kochi, India)

15-Mar-2012: curing a cold (Kochi, India)

14-Mar-2012: alleppey to kochi, dutch palace, dinner with min ne (Kochi, India)

13-Mar-2012: The 'stolen bag' indecent, Boat ride on canal (Alleppey, India)

12-Mar-2012: Backwater canoe tour, dinner with Michelle (Kollam, India)

11-Mar-2012: 25km walk along the coast (Kollam, India)

10-Mar-2012: long walk along the coast (Varkala Beach, India)

9-Mar-2012: Walking along the coast, visited small temple, swimming, drinks with Margaret (Varkala Beach, India)

8-Mar-2012: Kanyakumari to Varkala Beach (Varkala Beach, India)

7-Mar-2012: Sightseeing and dinner with Imelda (Kanyakumari, India)

6-Mar-2012: Madurai to Kanyakumari (Kanyakumari, India)

5-Mar-2012: Day in Madurai (Madurai, India)

4-Mar-2012: Thanjavur to Tiruchchirappalli (Tiruchchirappalli, India)

4-Mar-2012: Visited temples in Kumbakonan and Thanjavur (Thanjavur, India)

2-Mar-2012: Sightseeing in Puducherry (Puducherry, India)

1-Mar-2012: Breakfast with Angelika, (Mahabalipuram, India)

29-Feb-2012: Got a Haircut, visited rock formations, temples and the beach. Dinner with Angelika (Mahabalipuram, India)

28-Feb-2012: To Mahabalipuram, tailors, beach (Mahabalipuram, India)

27-Feb-2012: Visited two temples and the beach (Chennai, India)

26-Feb-2012: Visited Fort and shopped for Mosquito repellent and medication (Chennai, India)

25-Feb-2012: Arrived in Chennai, my first city in India (Chennai, India)

24-Feb-2012: Stop-over in Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

23-Feb-2012: Afternoon in Hamburg, flight to Dubai in the evening (Hamburg, Germany)

23-Feb-2012: In Bremen (Bremen, Germany)

22-Feb-2012: Start in Brighton (Brighton, United Kingdom)