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The Mango season is finally in full swing in Hindustan. Mango juices, Mango milk shakes, Mango Lassis, Mango salads and even though it can get messy sometimes, whole Mango fruits.
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Note to myself: When setting up the mosquito net above the bed in a hotel room, please turn of the ceiling fan! For the second time now I push my arm into the rapidly spinning thing. It not only hurts, it also splashed blood all over the bed and the net.
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Staying in Hubli to avoid overnight travelling. Not much to see here except a few nice buildings, but I found the best fruit shakes in Southern India so far. So if you are in town make sure you go to 'Sri Shanti Sagar' on the road between the railway station and the old bus stand. Try the special cocktail shake.
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Only in Bangalore do you see tons of ads for cloud computing classes, while elsewhere in India people are using PCs from 1998 and are lucky when they get only one power-cut per day.
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I just left Mysore, my favourite Indian city so far on the 8:20 passenger train to Bangalore. 3.5 hours for 0.30 Euro. Tomorrow's 14 hour sleeper train will cost me 2.20 Euros.
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Great bus ride today from the boiling heat in the lowlands to the hill station Ooty, 2200m up in the mountains. No free seats on the bus so I sat on the steps were the door used to be (many buses here in Southern India don't have doors). I saw over a hundred monkeys sitting on the side of the road, one to two meters away from me. So cute!
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After three weeks in India I have not bought any packaged food yet except for several bottles of water (hate them) and one package of 'Tim Tams' (I couldn't resist). Otherwise just fresh produce from the market or the street corner.
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25km walk along the Indian south-western coast. high cliffs, long beaches, slumy villages with happy people in them. best day in India so far.
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the book says up to 70% of all visitors get travellers' diarrhoea in their first two weeks. 18 days in im still with the other 30% so today i got more adventoures self-made ice-cream from the bicycle-ice-cream-man and some yummy blue milky fluid from a corner shop.
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pavements in India are difficult to master during the day, at night with frequent blackouts they become death traps
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first sun burn in india. i spent too much time in the fantastic waves
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I'm reading Rudyard Kiplings' 'Kim' on my Kindle and listen to the audio book at the same time. So, if I don't know a word, a button press on the Kindle gives me the definition. I also learn how to pronounce an unknown word from the reader who does a great job even with all the Indian terms. A great way of reading and learning.
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I am officially a vegetarian again, luckily here in Southern India most restaurants are veggie only. The few that sell meat advertise this with 'no-veg' signs.
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I got over 50 insect bites during my first night in India. Not bringing my own mosquito net now doesn't seem like a good idea anymore, neither does staying in a cheap 5 US$ hotel.
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Dubai is quite an impressive place and actually pleasant in February. I wouldn't want to be here in the summer though.
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