Here is the full itinerary of my trip:

29-Apr-2013: Back home in Bremen (Bremen, Germany)

28-Apr-2013: Barcelona to Girona, nice little town, sightseeing in the rain (Girona, Spain)

27-Apr-2013: Long walk, Barca stadium, lots of rain, record shopping (Barcelona, Spain)

26-Apr-2013: Free walking tour, Segrada Familia, grey but mostly dry. (Barcelona, Spain)

25-Apr-2013: Valencia to Barcelona by train, raining in Barcelona. (Barcelona, Spain)

24-Apr-2013: Shopping at Decathlon, walking tour, Paella dinner. (Valencia, Spain)

23-Apr-2013: Alicante to Valencia, walkend to the modern Culture And Science Center (Valencia, Spain)

22-Apr-2013: Granada to Alicante, nice bus ride through the Sierra Nevada, stroll in Alicante (Alicante, Spain)

21-Apr-2013: Six hour hike in the hills above the Alhambra (Granada, Spain)

20-Apr-2013: Walking tour in the old parts of Granada (Granada, Spain)

19-Apr-2013: Hiking in the Sierra Nevada, up 1020m to a 1824m peak, then back through a gorgeous gorge. (Granada, Spain)

18-Apr-2013: Visited the Alhambra, pretty impressive. (Granada, Spain)

17-Apr-2013: To Granada, First Exploration of the City, Tapas crawl (Granada, Spain)

16-Apr-2013: Outside the Center, shopping for headphones, siesta (Sevilla, Spain)

15-Apr-2013: Free walking tour, long tapas lunch with the Group (Sevilla, Spain)

14-Apr-2013: Explored central Sevilla, beginning of the bull flighting season. (Sevilla, Spain)

13-Apr-2013: To Sevilla, lazy afternoon in the sun on the roof terrace (Sevilla, Spain)

12-Apr-2013: Sightseeing in Cadiz (Cadiz, Spain)

11-Apr-2013: Back in Europe, walked up to the top of the rock in Gibraltar. (Tarifa, Spain)

10-Apr-2013: Early train to Rabat, five hours walk, train back to Tangiers, nice dinner (Tangiers, Morocco)

9-Apr-2013: Visited the Hassan II mosque, other sight, seating at the tram stop again. A bit of heat stroke (Casablanca, Morocco)

8-Apr-2013: 8 hour bus ride plus 6 km walk into medina of Casablanca (Casablanca, Morocco)

7-Apr-2013: In the medina and on the windy Atlantic beach (Essaouira, Morocco)

6-Apr-2013: Enjoying the sun, reading, snacks in the medina (Marrakech, Morocco)

4-Apr-2013: Fantastic camel ride in the Sahara desert, long drive back to Marrakech (Marrakech, Morocco)

3-Apr-2013: Drive into the Sahara, sand storm camel ride, overnight in the desert. (Berber tent camp, Sahara, Morocco)

2-Apr-2013: Started tour, Aid Benhaddou, Dades valley (Dades gorge, Morocco)

1-Apr-2013: Visited two old palaces in the medina, dinner with Emma from East London, drinks with expat John and a bunch of locals (Marrakech, Morocco)

31-Mar-2013: Walking around in the Medina, nice sunny day. (Marrakech, Morocco)

30-Mar-2013: Seven hour train ride to Marrakech via Rabat and Casablanca (Marrakech, Morocco)

29-Mar-2013: Sightseeing in the Medina and the 700 year old New town (Fez, Morocco)

28-Mar-2013: More rain, getting lost in the medina of Fez (Fez, Morocco)

27-Mar-2013: Tanger to Fez (Fez, Morocco)

26-Mar-2013: Walk to the train station and through the new town back into the medina (Tangier, Morocco)

25-Mar-2013: By ferry to Tangier in Morocco (Tangier, Morocco)

24-Mar-2013: Final morning with Zoe, bus to Tarifa, walk around old town and surroundings (Tarifa, Spain)

23-Mar-2013: Wet day in the city, my visiting family went back to Germany (Malaga, Spain)

22-Mar-2013: Shopping with the family, rainy day, lots of great food (Malaga, Spain)

21-Mar-2013: Up the two fortresses and along the waterfront with the Hahndorf family (Malaga, Spain)

20-Mar-2013: Córdoba to Málaga, afternoon at the cafe con libros (Malaga, Spain)

19-Mar-2013: Rains day, did some shopping at Decathlon sports mega-store outside of the town (Cordoba, Spain)

18-Mar-2013: Sightseeing in the old town, amazing mezquita, beautiful sunny day. (Cordoba, Spain)

17-Mar-2013: Madrid to Cordoba, first exploration of the old town (Cordoba, Spain)

16-Mar-2013: Back to Madrid, walked in south- eastern parts, room with view on royal palace (Madrid, Spain)

15-Mar-2013: Walked all around Toledo outside of the city walls, sunbathing on the rooftop (Toledo, Spain)

14-Mar-2013: To Toledo, walking tour in the old town (Toledo, Spain)

13-Mar-2013: Walked 27.1 km in the centre, several museums and the royal palace (Madrid, Spain)

12-Mar-2013: Long walk North of centro, Torres de Espania, bull ring etc. (Madrid, Spain)

11-Mar-2013: Walked around south of centro, visited Museo del Prado (Madrid, Spain)

10-Mar-2013: Quiet day, recovering from long final popfest night. (Madrid, Spain)

9-Mar-2013: First dry day in Spain, more walking around in centro and Retiro (Madrid, Spain)

8-Mar-2013: Slept in, walked around in rainy centro (Madrid, Spain)

7-Mar-2013: By train to Madrid, first night of the Popfest (Madrid, Spain)

6-Mar-2013: Start in Bremen, flight to Girona, Barcelona (Bremen, Germany)