In China

More Photos (2015)
Full Itinerary:

29-Aug-2014: Crossing into China, taxi struggle to Kashgar (Kyrgyz-Chinese Border, China (PR))

29-Aug-2014: Crossing into China, taxi struggle to Kashgar (Kashgar, China (PR))

30-Aug-2014: Orientation day in Kashgar (Kashgar, China (PR))

31-Aug-2014: Animal bazaar in Kashgar, shopping for tickets (Kashgar, China (PR))

1-Sep-2014: Night bus to Ürümqi (Sleeper bus in Xinjiang, China (PR))

2-Sep-2014: Short Day in Ürümqi (Ürümiqi, China (PR))

3-Sep-2014: Sightseeing in Ürümqi, night train to gansu (Night train to Gansu, China (PR))

4-Sep-2014: First day in Danhuang (Danhuang, China (PR))

5-Sep-2014: Visited the Mogao caves (Danhuang, China (PR))

6-Sep-2014: Visited singing mountain site, sleeper to Lanzhou (Night train in Gansu, China (PR))

7-Sep-2014: In Lanzhou and train ride to Xian (Xian, China (PR))

8-Sep-2014: Lazy day, heavy rain since the early afternoon (Xian, China (PR))

9-Sep-2014: Very rainy day, watched some movies (Xian, China (PR))

10-Sep-2014: Rainy day again, moved to bell tower hostel (Xian, China (PR))

11-Sep-2014: Long walk to the white pagoda, shopping in the evening. (Xian, China (PR))

12-Sep-2014: Tandem ride on the wall around the city, hotpot (Xian, China (PR))

13-Sep-2014: Another rainy day in Xian,shopping, sleeper train at 8pm (Night train to Lanzhou, China (PR))

14-Sep-2014: Rainy day, we decided to stay in the city rather than going into the mountains (Lanzhou, China (PR))

15-Sep-2014: Walk up to the pagodas, first sunny day for a while. Our hotel rooms get fancier every day. (Lanzhou, China (PR))

16-Sep-2014: By bus to Xiahe, first walk around the monastery (Xiahe, China (PR))

17-Sep-2014: Visited labrang monastery, a Tibetan university (Xiahe, China (PR))

18-Sep-2014: To Langmusi, another changed town compared with 2005 (Langmusi, China (PR))

19-Sep-2014: Horseback riding in the mountains of northern Sichuan. (Langmusi, China (PR))

20-Sep-2014: Really nice hike up the Namo gorge (Langmusi, China (PR))

21-Sep-2014: Two bus rides over the mountains to Songpan (Songpan, China (PR))

22-Sep-2014: Songpan to Chengdu, visited PSBs in both towns (Chengdu, China (PR))

23-Sep-2014: Applied for visa extension at PSB. (Chengdu, China (PR))

24-Sep-2014: First sunny day, long walk in the city. (Chengdu, China (PR))

25-Sep-2014: 17 hour bus ride from Chengdu to Sertar (Sertar new town, China (PR))

26-Sep-2014: A day at the Sertar monastery (Sertar monastery, China (PR))

27-Sep-2014: Hitched southwest to Luhuo (Luhuo, China (PR))

28-Sep-2014: Bus ride form Luhuo to kangding, stuck on the pass (Kangding, China (PR))

29-Sep-2014: From kangding back to chengdu (Chengdu, China (PR))

30-Sep-2014: Picked up new visa and changed hostels (Chengdu, China (PR))

1-Oct-2014: National holiday, lazy day for us. (Chengdu, China (PR))

2-Oct-2014: Walked around town, visited the Apple store to fix the iPhone, no luck (Chengdu, China (PR))

3-Oct-2014: Long breakfast talk, a bit of shopping (Chengdu, China (PR))

4-Oct-2014: Shopping in the south of the city (Chengdu, China (PR))

5-Oct-2014: Sightseeing in rebuilt old town quarters (Chengdu, China (PR))

6-Oct-2014: cupping therapy session (Chengdu, China (PR))

7-Oct-2014: Expensive but good massage and new century mall (Chengdu, China (PR))

8-Oct-2014: Moved rooms, bought SIM card (Chengdu, China (PR))

9-Oct-2014: 25 hour Train to Guilin (Train to Guilin, China (PR))

10-Oct-2014: Arrived Guilin, BBQ at the hostel. (Guilin, China (PR))

11-Oct-2014: Sightseeing in Guilin (Guilin, China (PR))

12-Oct-2014: Walked to Yangshuo (with a little help from some friends) (Yangshuo, China (PR))

13-Oct-2014: Visited "my" old high school, lazy afternoon. (Yangshuo, China (PR))

14-Oct-2014: Photo review, hike up to the telecom tower hill (Yangshuo, China (PR))

15-Oct-2014: Walk to and up the moonhill (Yangshuo, China (PR))

16-Oct-2014: Kayaking on the Li river with Rob and Chen (Yangshuo, China (PR))

17-Oct-2014: Day trip to Xingping, hiked up karst hill (Yangshuo, China (PR))

18-Oct-2014: Long walk along the yulong rive great night out. (Yangshuo, China (PR))

19-Oct-2014: Recovering from previous night. (Yangshuo, China (PR))

20-Oct-2014: Walked along the Li river (Yangshuo, China (PR))

21-Oct-2014: To the top of the moon hill, long bike ride with Jennifer (Yangshuo, China (PR))

22-Oct-2014: Walked up the Telekom hill with Jennifer, some shopping (Yangshuo, China (PR))

23-Oct-2014: Walked up small hill in the park, bus to Guilin, night train to Guangzhou (Night train to Guangzhou, China (PR))

24-Oct-2014: Breakfast with Jennifer, afternoon sightseeing (Guangzhou, China (PR))

4-Sep-2015: By foot to the Chinese border, by train to Guangzhou (Guangzhou, China (PR))

5-Sep-2015: 20km+ walking in center and east (Guangzhou, China (PR))

6-Sep-2015: More sightseeing in town. island etc. (Guangzhou, China (PR))

7-Sep-2015: By bullet train and bus to Zhangjiajie (Zhangjiajie city, China (PR))

8-Sep-2015: Moved into national park Zhangjiajie (Zhangjiajie national park, China (PR))

9-Sep-2015: Just 20km or 31000 steps today, but they were pretty hard (Zhangjiajie national park, China (PR))

10-Sep-2015: down into the valley. up to the H village, down again and back up to the hostel (Zhangjiajie national park, China (PR))

11-Sep-2015: Walk down the mountain, buses. To Fenghuang (Fenghuang, China (PR))

12-Sep-2015: Long walk around the old town, super touristy but nice (Fenghuang, China (PR))

13-Sep-2015: Long walk along the river out of town, visited remaining tourist spots (Fenghuang, China (PR))

14-Sep-2015: To Huaihai by bus, then to Nanchang by bullet train (Nanchang, China (PR))

15-Sep-2015: By bullet train to Shanghai, raining and getting a cold. (Shanghai, China (PR))

16-Sep-2015: Caught a bad cold. stayed local for the whole day (Shanghai, China (PR))

17-Sep-2015: 25 km walk to the Bund and back to the hostel, nice weather lots of new buildings (Shanghai, China (PR))

18-Sep-2015: Explored Padong, a lot has changed in ten years (Shanghai, China (PR))

19-Sep-2015: visited ancient canal town, long bus ride and walk in French concession (Shanghai, China (PR))

20-Sep-2015: By bullet train to Qinqdao, first German architecture walk (Qinqdao, China (PR))