In Iran

Full Itinerary:

9-May-2014: Arrived in Iran, first discovery walk in Tabriz. (Tabriz, Iran)

10-May-2014: Trip to kandavan, bazaar in Tabriz (Tabriz, Iran)

11-May-2014: Bus to Zanjan, train to Tehran (Tehran, Iran)

12-May-2014: Sightseeing in South and far South Tehran. (Tehran, Iran)

13-May-2014: Sightseeing in North Tehran, night-train. (Tehran, Iran)

14-May-2014: Central Esfahan, met couch surfing hosts (Isfahan, Iran)

15-May-2014: Bridges, squares and mosques (Isfahan, Iran)

16-May-2014: More sightseeing in town, Dinner in private house (Isfahan, Iran)

17-May-2014: Visited missing Sights, Night walk (Isfahan, Iran)

18-May-2014: Isfahan to Yazd, relaxing afternoon (Yazd, Iran)

19-May-2014: Camera-bike incident (Yazd, Iran)

20-May-2014: Day trip to a desert fort (Yazd, Iran)

21-May-2014: Yazd to Shiraz (Shiraz, Iran)

22-May-2014: Hot day, sightseeing in town (Shiraz, Iran)

23-May-2014: Hot day, more sightseeing in town (Shiraz, Iran)

24-May-2014: Visited ancient ruins of Persepolis (Shiraz, Iran)

25-May-2014: Final beautiful mosque in Shiraz, afternoon train to the capital (Night train to Tehran, Iran)

26-May-2014: Visited Turkmen embassy, hot afternoon (Tehran, Iran)

27-May-2014: Bus ride over the mountains to Gorgan (Gorgan, Iran)

28-May-2014: Hiking in the hills, to an island in the Caspian Sea with two Iranian ladies. (Gorgan, Iran)

29-May-2014: Long bus ride to Mashhad (Mashhad, Iran)

30-May-2014: Guided tour around the holy shrine complex (Mashhad, Iran)

1-Jun-2014: For hours by myself in the holy shrine complex (Mashhad, Iran)

2-Jun-2014: Despite some issues I got the Turkmen visa, afternoon bus ride to the border in the east (Sarakhs, Iran)