The places I visited on this trip, the first place is at the bottom.
You can also see a map
24-Apr-2016: Bremen - 15 hour trip (9 changes) by regional trains back home
23-Apr-2016: Rosenheim - Lazy day and evening birthday party with Nadine and kids
22-Apr-2016: Rosenheim - Hiking in the mountains above Rosenheim with Nadine and Oliver
21-Apr-2016: Rosenheim - By train to Rosenheim
20-Apr-2016: Munich - Flight from KL to Munich via Muskat in Oman
19-Apr-2016: Kuala Lumpur - Last day in Malaysia and south east Asia, last walk last massage
18-Apr-2016: Kuala Lumpur - More sightseeing in central KL
17-Apr-2016: Kuala Lumpur - Ferry to mainland, hitched on truck to KL, sightseeing in afternoon.
16-Apr-2016: Georgetown - Sightseeing in delightful but hot Georgetown
15-Apr-2016: Georgetown - crossed the border in Malaysia, Indian dinner on penang
14-Apr-2016: Hat Yai - final town, thai food and massages in Thailand.
13-Apr-2016: Trang - On pick up trucks to Trang, great songkran party on the street
12-Apr-2016: Ao Nang - 4 island tour, beaches, swimming, snorkelling all day.
11-Apr-2016: Ao Nang - Another relaxed day at the beach
10-Apr-2016: Ao Nang - Relaxing on the beach
9-Apr-2016: Ao Nang - Walking, rock climbing and swimming in beautiful Railay
8-Apr-2016: Ao Nang - Along the beaches of Ao Nang
7-Apr-2016: Ao Nang - On the Hat Phra Nang beach in Railay
6-Apr-2016: krabi - Walk to and from Ao Nang, explored town, enjoyed the karts
5-Apr-2016: krabi - Walked off Phuket, hitched to Krabi
4-Apr-2016: Patong - checked out another beach and crazy night life
3-Apr-2016: Phuket Town - Relaxing in town, laundry, research, eating.
2-Apr-2016: Phuket Town - With Sandra and Rafa at Nai Harn Beach
1-Apr-2016: Phuket Town - Back to Patong, walk to Karin beach, dinner with Sandra and Rafa.
31-Mar-2016: Phuket Town - Walked around in the old town, hot again.
30-Mar-2016: Phuket Town - Research into flight home, visit beach town of Patong
29-Mar-2016: Phuket Town - By longboat to Thailand, walk to highway, hitched without destination ended up on Phuket
28-Mar-2016: Kawthoung - Walked along the coastal road to a small island, afternoon in town.
27-Mar-2016: Kawthoung - Walking and getting lifts to the deep south
26-Mar-2016: Bokpyin - Walked on the hill road, lifts on truck and ancient Korean bus
25-Mar-2016: Tanintharyi - Walking and lifts into the hills, afternoon in small river town
24-Mar-2016: Myeik - By boat to closest island, walk up to pagoda, afternoon in town
23-Mar-2016: Myeik - With Katja in Myeik, morning sightseeing, bus station
22-Mar-2016: Myeik - Walked and hitched with Katja to Myeik
21-Mar-2016: Dawei - lazy days, some sightseeing in town
20-Mar-2016: Dawei - With Katja on rented scooter to the beaches
19-Mar-2016: Dawei - Walk and lifts from Ye to Dawei
18-Mar-2016: Ye - Exploring the town, railway station, lazy afternoon
17-Mar-2016: Ye - Walking and getting lifts to Ye
16-Mar-2016: Mawlamyine - at market, then church road, lazy afternoon
15-Mar-2016: Mawlamyine - Sightseeing in the city
14-Mar-2016: Mawlamyine - Feeling sick with fever, stayed in bed.
13-Mar-2016: Mawlamyine - To triple rock pagoda in the north and big Buddha in the south
12-Mar-2016: Mawlamyine - walk and lift to moulmein, walk along the river and market
11-Mar-2016: Hpa-An - walk along the river, dinner with julia
10-Mar-2016: Hpa-An - researched boat options, dinner with marjo
9-Mar-2016: Hpa-An - Visited seddar cave and garden of Buddhas
8-Mar-2016: Hpa-An - Visited pagoda on a rock in the middle of a lake
7-Mar-2016: Hpa-An - Walked along the river and to the lake, long talk to Israeli girl
6-Mar-2016: Hpa-An - Walked to cave, public swimming hole and rural village 10km south
5-Mar-2016: Hpa-An - Walked and used various vehicles to get to Hpa-An
4-Mar-2016: Kawkreik - Crossed into Burma, not sure where I am.
3-Mar-2016: Mae Sot - Long bus ride to town near the Burmese border, photo gallery.
2-Mar-2016: Chiang Mai - Last day in Chiang Mai, shopping for Burma, drinks with German girls.
1-Mar-2016: Chiang Mai - Another lazy day in Chiang Mai
29-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - checked out burmese consulate, moved hostel
28-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - long walk to bus station, Sunday market
27-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - walked to china town, saturday market
26-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - lazy day at the pool
25-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - Applied for Burmese visa
24-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - Dealing with Central American problems, looked into travel ti Burma
23-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - 20km walk to the temple in the mountains
22-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - Big Buddha holiday, quiet all around town
21-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - First ever food allergy. My body didn't like something in Thai curry
20-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - Relaxin day at the pool
19-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - Long scooter ride to the sticky waterfall with Sama
18-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - walk around town with Sama
17-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - walk around town with Sama and Lisa
16-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - relaxed day with Sama and Lisa
15-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - walked around city wall, massage at women prison
14-Feb-2016: Chiang Mai - rainy day in Taipei, flight to Thailand
13-Feb-2016: Taipei - Hiked up to a peak in the national park, long walk back into town.
12-Feb-2016: Taipei - Hitch hiked back to Taipei
11-Feb-2016: Hengchun - Last day in Hengchun, moved the car, lunch at the Japanese restaurant
10-Feb-2016: Hengchun - Helping at the restaurant
9-Feb-2016: Hengchun - Opening of the restaurant
8-Feb-2016: Hengchun - Chinese new year, preparing the restaurant to open
7-Feb-2016: Hengchun - IT work, relaxed afternoon
6-Feb-2016: Hengchun - Woken up by 6.4 earthquake, whole building was shaking a lot.
5-Feb-2016: Hengchun - IT stuff
4-Feb-2016: Hengchun - Kending and Hengchun
3-Feb-2016: Hengchun - Baisha loop by bike
2-Feb-2016: Hengchun - More IT stuff, quick trip to Kending
1-Feb-2016: Hengchun - IT stuff
31-Jan-2016: Hengchun - To Marina and the beach
30-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Return from Tainan, birthday party
29-Jan-2016: Tainan - A wet day to and in Tainan
28-Jan-2016: Hengchun - lazy day
27-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Short trip to Kending, too tired for hiking
26-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Lazy day
25-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Some IT work in the morning, still cold
24-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Cold day, lazy
23-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Drive some friends around the peninsula loop for sightseeing
22-Jan-2016: Hengchun - At the beach with friends
21-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Relaxing day
20-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Day trip to Kaohsiung
19-Jan-2016: Hengchun - at the beach in baisha
18-Jan-2016: Hengchun - at deer zoo, kending coastal walk, hot springs
17-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Long bus ride back to Hengchun
16-Jan-2016: Taipei - Walk to the national palace museum in the hills
15-Jan-2016: Taipei - Moved to new hostel in Shihlin district
14-Jan-2016: Taipei - Lazy day, raining the whole day
13-Jan-2016: Taipei - Day trip to Jiufen and Jinguashi
12-Jan-2016: Taipei - 10 miles walk to decathlon store
11-Jan-2016: Taipei - rainy day, short unsuccessful shoping trip
10-Jan-2016: Taipei - Some shopping, fantastic date with Australian Sarah.
9-Jan-2016: Taipei - elephant mountain and wulei hot springs with Britta
8-Jan-2016: Taipei - After some more hiking in the clouds, two long bus rides back to Taipei
7-Jan-2016: Alishan - By bus up to 2200m into the mountains, some hiking
6-Jan-2016: Tainan - Day trip to nice mud hot springs in the mountains.
5-Jan-2016: Tainan - Temple walking tour in Tainan
4-Jan-2016: Tainan - Walking in Kaohsiung, train to Tainan
3-Jan-2016: Kaohsiung - Hitched to Kaohsiung, another very wet day
2-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Heavy rain for the whole day, stayed inside.
1-Jan-2016: Hengchun - Slow recovery day
31-Dec-2015: Hengchun - Relaxed day, new year's eve party at the goat bar.
30-Dec-2015: Hengchun - cycling to and swimming in kending little bay
29-Dec-2015: Hengchun - Hot and windy day in Hengchun
28-Dec-2015: Hengchun - Doing some IT work for the first time in months.
24-Dec-2015: Hengchun - Maobitou park, massage, Christmas party at goat bar
23-Dec-2015: Hengchun - Picked up car in k city, drive back to hengchun, hospital Christmas party
22-Dec-2015: Kaohsiung - Trip in fast ambulance to Kaohsiung
17-Dec-2015: Hengchun - Lazy windy day between Hengchun and Kending
16-Dec-2015: Hengchun - Museum in Tainan, afternoon in Kaohsiung,
15-Dec-2015: Tainan - Check out, long trip to Tainan, big night market with friends
14-Dec-2015: Hengchun - local day in hengchun and Kending
13-Dec-2015: Hengchun - local day in hengchun and Kending
12-Dec-2015: Hengchun - Return to Hengchun, Visited marine biology museum
11-Dec-2015: Fangliao - Day in fangliao, evening in Kending for dinner
10-Dec-2015: Fangliao - in hospital helping local friend
9-Dec-2015: Fangliao - shopping in kaossiung
8-Dec-2015: Hengchun - explored the west coast bits
7-Dec-2015: Hengchun - Walked and hitch hiked along the most southeastern part of the island
6-Dec-2015: Hengchun - To Kending, explored the beach and national park, lazy afternoon
5-Dec-2015: Hengchun - Hitch with seven rides down the coast the the very south of Taiwan
4-Dec-2015: Dulan - Walking and hitch hiking on highway 11 down the east coast
3-Dec-2015: Hualien - Great hike 'Zhuilu Old Road' in Taroko with great views.
2-Dec-2015: Hualien - 18km bike ride to another mountain gorge, short swim in a cold river pool
1-Dec-2015: Hualien - Along the coast north of Hualien on highway 9, great views
30-Nov-2015: Hualien - Two small and a tough hike in the Taroko gorge
29-Nov-2015: Hualien - Cycle tour along the coast, relaxing on beaches in the sun
28-Nov-2015: Hualien - A day in the beautiful Taroko gorge
27-Nov-2015: Hualien - By train down the east coast to Hualien
26-Nov-2015: Taipei - Day trip to Walei, waterfall, gorge and hot springs
25-Nov-2015: Taipei - Lazy day at the hostel
24-Nov-2015: Taipei - Day trip to Y-Shan national park, mostly rainy and miserable, poor visibility
23-Nov-2015: Taipei - Walk along the river, Long Shan temple tour
22-Nov-2015: Taipei - Daytrip to Tamsui, waterfront and historic sites
21-Nov-2015: Taipei - Dihua street, Baoan temple, Confucius temple
20-Nov-2015: Taipei - Elephant hill,
19-Nov-2015: Taipei - in Xiamen
18-Nov-2015: Taipei - Long walk to Taipei 101 and back
17-Nov-2015: Taipei - With Peach air to Taipei, settled at hostel, super tired
16-Nov-2015: Tokyo - Last day in Tokyo,
15-Nov-2015: Tokyo - Observatory again, Shinjuku park, Shinjuku shops
14-Nov-2015: Tokyo - lazy rainy day in shinjuku, afternoon at Liten Butiken, dinner with friends
13-Nov-2015: Tokyo - Walk to Nishi-Shinjuku, Nakano, shimokitazawa and Shibuya
12-Nov-2015: Tokyo - Tokyo bay, Roppongi, Tokyo tower, Tokyo bay at night, Shinjuku
11-Nov-2015: Tokyo - Moved to Shinjuku, great Pains gig at Club Quattro in Shibuya
9-Nov-2015: Tokyo - Around Tokyo station, imperial palace, Ginza, Sony museum, indiepop night in Shibuya
8-Nov-2015: Tokyo - Raining all day, visited nice Onsen in Asakusa and several hours in Akihabara
7-Nov-2015: Tokyo - Skytree, Asakusa, Ueno, Yanaka and Akihabara
6-Nov-2015: Tokyo - By bus to Shinjuku, settled in, in Tokyo hostel
5-Nov-2015: Nagoya - Moved to Nagoya, train to Kawana and back, Nagoya castle
4-Nov-2015: Arimatsu - By train to Ise, shrine and old town, on to Nagoya
3-Nov-2015: Kyoto - More temples in the east by bus, visited Twee Grrrrl
2-Nov-2015: Kyoto - Rainy day, long walk to numerous temples and shrines in the east
1-Nov-2015: Kyoto - day trip to Nara, Osaka in the evening
31-Oct-2015: Kyoto - Sightseeing with day bus pass, golden temples and other northern sights.
30-Oct-2015: Kyoto - Relaxing in the hostel.
29-Oct-2015: Kyoto - Day trip to western suburb,
28-Oct-2015: Kyoto - Long walk in Kyoto, record shop visits
27-Oct-2015: Kyoto - Walk to Inari, walked inside the tori path to the top and back down, back-roads to the hostel.
26-Oct-2015: Kyoto - Long bike ride along the river into the foot hills, hike up to 580m, back downhill for 2 hours
25-Oct-2015: Kyoto - Moved to J-Hoppers hostel, Kiyomizu shrine, short hike in the hills.
24-Oct-2015: Kyoto - More time with Edgar in Kobe, in the evening by train to Kyoto
23-Oct-2015: Kobe - Hiking in the hills above Kobe, first Onsen experience
22-Oct-2015: Osaka - By bus to Osako, visited some record shops, dinner in the night life district
21-Oct-2015: Hiroshima - Sightseeing in Hiroshima
20-Oct-2015: Miyajima - Hiking on Miyajima
19-Oct-2015: Miyajima - Bus to Hiroshima, on to Miyajima
18-Oct-2015: Fukuoka - Explored central Fukuoka
17-Oct-2015: Fukuoka - Hiking on Nokonoshima Island
16-Oct-2015: Fukuoka - By high speed ferry to Fukuoka on Kyushu, Japan
15-Oct-2015: Busan - Last day in Korea, visited temple and prepared for Japan
14-Oct-2015: Busan - Moved hostel, nice coastal walk
13-Oct-2015: Busan - Walked east, nice city beach, film festival complex, 4hours in Spaland
12-Oct-2015: Busan - Explored Nampo and Taejongdae park
11-Oct-2015: Busan - Long walk to ferry terminal, bought ticket to Japan, checked out Haeundae beach
10-Oct-2015: Busan - Trip to temple and by bus to Busan
9-Oct-2015: Gyeongju - Sightseeing in the unesco world heritage town
8-Oct-2015: Daegu - Great day hike in Palgongsan park
7-Oct-2015: Daegu - By train to Daegu, explored the downtown area.
6-Oct-2015: Seoul - Trip to the DMZ and JSA, stepped into North Korea
5-Oct-2015: Seoul - Walk around the national assembly, across the bridge and along the river, another sunny day.
4-Oct-2015: Seoul - Hiking in Namhansanseong provincial park
3-Oct-2015: Seoul - Walked around Yangpyeong and Seonyudo island
2-Oct-2015: Seoul - Walked around Itaewon, Korean War Monument and Museum
1-Oct-2015: Seoul - Rainy day, short walk north, otherwise chilling in the hostel.
30-Sep-2015: Seoul - Daytrip to the world heritage site in Suwon
29-Sep-2015: Seoul - Visted Gangnam, Olympic stadium, Deoksugung palace and Dongdaemun
28-Sep-2015: Seoul - Walk along the river to the 2002 World Cup stadium and back
27-Sep-2015: Seoul - Hiking Dobongsan in the Bukhansan National Park
26-Sep-2015: Seoul - Bus trip into the countryside, walk to the river with views of North Korea
24-Sep-2015: Seoul - Toured Gwanghwamun palace and Ewha Womans University
23-Sep-2015: Seoul - Walk into the center and up the Seoul tower
22-Sep-2015: Seoul - Arrived by ferry in Korea, Incheon to Seoul by metro
20-Sep-2015: Qinqdao - By bullet train to Qinqdao, first German architecture walk
19-Sep-2015: Shanghai - visited ancient canal town, long bus ride and walk in French concession
18-Sep-2015: Shanghai - Explored Padong, a lot has changed in ten years
17-Sep-2015: Shanghai - 25 km walk to the Bund and back to the hostel, nice weather lots of new buildings
16-Sep-2015: Shanghai - Caught a bad cold. stayed local for the whole day
15-Sep-2015: Shanghai - By bullet train to Shanghai, raining and getting a cold.
14-Sep-2015: Nanchang - To Huaihai by bus, then to Nanchang by bullet train
13-Sep-2015: Fenghuang - Long walk along the river out of town, visited remaining tourist spots
12-Sep-2015: Fenghuang - Long walk around the old town, super touristy but nice
11-Sep-2015: Fenghuang - Walk down the mountain, buses. To Fenghuang
10-Sep-2015: Zhangjiajie national park - down into the valley. up to the H village, down again and back up to the hostel
9-Sep-2015: Zhangjiajie national park - Just 20km or 31000 steps today, but they were pretty hard
8-Sep-2015: Zhangjiajie national park - Moved into national park Zhangjiajie
7-Sep-2015: Zhangjiajie city - By bullet train and bus to Zhangjiajie
6-Sep-2015: Guangzhou - More sightseeing in town. island etc.
5-Sep-2015: Guangzhou - 20km+ walking in center and east
4-Sep-2015: Guangzhou - By foot to the Chinese border, by train to Guangzhou
3-Sep-2015: Macau - The 126th and final day in Macau
30-Jul-2015: Hong Kong - Trip to Lamma island
29-Jul-2015: Hong Kong - some hiking on Hong Kong island
28-Jul-2015: Hong Kong - Walk over 29 km along the waterfront
27-Jul-2015: Kowloon - ferry to HK, visa office, walk along Nathan road.
26-Apr-2015: Macau - Goodbye Bangkok, flight to Macau
25-Apr-2015: Bangkok - Day trip to the ancient capital Ayuthaya by train
24-Apr-2015: Bangkok - On bus No.1 and other public transport around the city
23-Apr-2015: Bangkok - Arrival in Bangkok, check-in, two nice massages.
22-Apr-2015: Oslo - Flight to Oslo, transfer, long flight to Thailand
21-Apr-2015: Berlin - Via Hamburg to Berlin, meeting with friends
9-Dec-2014: Bremen - Met with friends, Back to Bremen by train
8-Dec-2014: Berlin - Flight to Berlin via Oslo
7-Dec-2014: Bangkok - Final day sightseeing and shopping in Bangkok
6-Dec-2014: Bangkok - 2 Ferry rides, walked around northern end of ferry, nice massage.
5-Dec-2014: Bangkok - 3 Ferry rides. walked around Khao San road, Siam Square and Silom
4-Dec-2014: Bangkok - Farewell in Macau, flight to Bangkok
3-Dec-2014: Macau - Final day of sightseeing, local highschool, Macau museum
2-Dec-2014: Macau - Department store shopping, office work
1-Dec-2014: Macau - More IT work in the office
30-Nov-2014: Macau - More IT work in the office
29-Nov-2014: Macau - More IT work in the office
28-Nov-2014: Macau - Looking for unlisted cool buildings in the old town
27-Nov-2014: Macau - More IT work in the office
26-Nov-2014: Macau - Some IT work in the office
25-Nov-2014: Macau - Hardware shopping, sightseeing
24-Nov-2014: Macau - Sightseeing, Fishermen's wharf, more Casinos, dinner at the Galaxy casino
22-Nov-2014: Macau - Watched some Indie and some Jazz gigs
21-Nov-2014: Macau - Back to Macau again
20-Nov-2014: Singapore - Final day of sightseeing, revisited many familiar spots.
19-Nov-2014: Singapore - Visited new sights at Marina bay, dinner with old work friends
18-Nov-2014: Singapore - Visited old friend, long walk, dinner with old indiepop friends
17-Nov-2014: Singapore - Rainy day, booked flights
16-Nov-2014: Singapore - sightseeing around Orchard road, National library.
15-Nov-2014: Singapore - Walked to the north coast, time with Vernon, gig at night.
14-Nov-2014: Singapore - Flight to Singapore, visited old friend
13-Nov-2014: Macau - Final day in Macau, sightseeing, dining drinking
12-Nov-2014: Macau - Hiking on the islands, even more of Yan Yan's favourite places
11-Nov-2014: Macau - More sightseeing, Yan Yan's favourite places
10-Nov-2014: Macau - Sightseeing in Macau with Yan Yan, hot pot in the evening
9-Nov-2014: Macau - Slept in, final work on map, out in the evening
8-Nov-2014: Macau - Back to Macao
7-Nov-2014: Hong Kong - Editorial work on Macau map, lazy rainy day
6-Nov-2014: Hong Kong - Visited Hong Kong historical museum, very nice
5-Nov-2014: Hong Kong - Walked up to Victoria peak and down to Aberdeen on the south coast
4-Nov-2014: Hong Kong - More walking on the north coast, doing some history research at the main library
3-Nov-2014: Hong Kong - Walking around Causeway bay
2-Nov-2014: Hong Kong - Hiking in the hills on Eastern Hong Kong Island with Ka.
1-Nov-2014: Hong Kong - Cycling in the New Territories with Ka
31-Oct-2014: Hong Kong - Lazy day, Halloween dinner and clubbing
30-Oct-2014: Hong Kong - Around Hong Kong Island on buses.
29-Oct-2014: Hong Kong - A day in Kowloon
28-Oct-2014: Hong Kong - Hiked up to and around Victoria peak
27-Oct-2014: Hong Kong - Super lazy day in Kennedy town
26-Oct-2014: Hong Kong - Moved to Kennedy town, day out with Ka
25-Oct-2014: Hong Kong - Left China for Macao, on to Hong Kong in the evening
24-Oct-2014: Guangzhou - Breakfast with Jennifer, afternoon sightseeing
23-Oct-2014: Night train to Guangzhou - Walked up small hill in the park, bus to Guilin, night train to Guangzhou
22-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - Walked up the Telekom hill with Jennifer, some shopping
21-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - To the top of the moon hill, long bike ride with Jennifer
20-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - Walked along the Li river
19-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - Recovering from previous night.
18-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - Long walk along the yulong rive great night out.
17-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - Day trip to Xingping, hiked up karst hill
16-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - Kayaking on the Li river with Rob and Chen
15-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - Walk to and up the moonhill
14-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - Photo review, hike up to the telecom tower hill
13-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - Visited "my" old high school, lazy afternoon.
12-Oct-2014: Yangshuo - Walked to Yangshuo (with a little help from some friends)
11-Oct-2014: Guilin - Sightseeing in Guilin
10-Oct-2014: Guilin - Arrived Guilin, BBQ at the hostel.
9-Oct-2014: Train to Guilin - 25 hour Train to Guilin
8-Oct-2014: Chengdu - Moved rooms, bought SIM card
7-Oct-2014: Chengdu - Expensive but good massage and new century mall
6-Oct-2014: Chengdu - cupping therapy session
5-Oct-2014: Chengdu - Sightseeing in rebuilt old town quarters
4-Oct-2014: Chengdu - Shopping in the south of the city
3-Oct-2014: Chengdu - Long breakfast talk, a bit of shopping
2-Oct-2014: Chengdu - Walked around town, visited the Apple store to fix the iPhone, no luck
1-Oct-2014: Chengdu - National holiday, lazy day for us.
30-Sep-2014: Chengdu - Picked up new visa and changed hostels
29-Sep-2014: Chengdu - From kangding back to chengdu
28-Sep-2014: Kangding - Bus ride form Luhuo to kangding, stuck on the pass
27-Sep-2014: Luhuo - Hitched southwest to Luhuo
26-Sep-2014: Sertar monastery - A day at the Sertar monastery
25-Sep-2014: Sertar new town - 17 hour bus ride from Chengdu to Sertar
24-Sep-2014: Chengdu - First sunny day, long walk in the city.
23-Sep-2014: Chengdu - Applied for visa extension at PSB.
22-Sep-2014: Chengdu - Songpan to Chengdu, visited PSBs in both towns
21-Sep-2014: Songpan - Two bus rides over the mountains to Songpan
20-Sep-2014: Langmusi - Really nice hike up the Namo gorge
19-Sep-2014: Langmusi - Horseback riding in the mountains of northern Sichuan.
18-Sep-2014: Langmusi - To Langmusi, another changed town compared with 2005
17-Sep-2014: Xiahe - Visited labrang monastery, a Tibetan university
16-Sep-2014: Xiahe - By bus to Xiahe, first walk around the monastery
15-Sep-2014: Lanzhou - Walk up to the pagodas, first sunny day for a while. Our hotel rooms get fancier every day.
14-Sep-2014: Lanzhou - Rainy day, we decided to stay in the city rather than going into the mountains
13-Sep-2014: Night train to Lanzhou - Another rainy day in Xian,shopping, sleeper train at 8pm
12-Sep-2014: Xian - Tandem ride on the wall around the city, hotpot
11-Sep-2014: Xian - Long walk to the white pagoda, shopping in the evening.
10-Sep-2014: Xian - Rainy day again, moved to bell tower hostel
9-Sep-2014: Xian - Very rainy day, watched some movies
8-Sep-2014: Xian - Lazy day, heavy rain since the early afternoon
7-Sep-2014: Xian - In Lanzhou and train ride to Xian
6-Sep-2014: Night train in Gansu - Visited singing mountain site, sleeper to Lanzhou
5-Sep-2014: Danhuang - Visited the Mogao caves
4-Sep-2014: Danhuang - First day in Danhuang
3-Sep-2014: Night train to Gansu - Sightseeing in Ürümqi, night train to gansu
2-Sep-2014: Ürümiqi - Short Day in Ürümqi
1-Sep-2014: Sleeper bus in Xinjiang - Night bus to Ürümqi
31-Aug-2014: Kashgar - Animal bazaar in Kashgar, shopping for tickets
30-Aug-2014: Kashgar - Orientation day in Kashgar
29-Aug-2014: Kashgar - Crossing into China, taxi struggle to Kashgar
29-Aug-2014: Kyrgyz-Chinese Border - Crossing into China, taxi struggle to Kashgar
29-Aug-2014: Kyrgyz-Chinese Border - Crossing into China, taxi struggle to Kashgar
28-Aug-2014: Sary Tash - Slow start in Osh, another lift from a truck to Sary tash
27-Aug-2014: Osh - Hitched on two trucks back to Osh
26-Aug-2014: Toktogul - By minibus to Osh highway, hitch-hiked on truck over the mountains
25-Aug-2014: Bishkek - Final day in Bishkek, very hot, so very lazy again
24-Aug-2014: Bishkek - Back to Bishkek
23-Aug-2014: Almaty - Sightseeing in Almaty
22-Aug-2014: Almaty - Bishkek to Almaty
21-Aug-2014: Bishkek - From Son-Köl back to Kochkor and then on my own to Bishkek
20-Aug-2014: Son-Köl Lake - Over the pass to the lake, long hike but nice.
19-Aug-2014: Klemche - Hitching and hiking up the mountains towards Son-Köl, Yurt Stay
18-Aug-2014: Kochkor - Lazy day in Kochkor, slightly upset stomach
17-Aug-2014: Kochkor - Along the south shores of Isskal-kul to Kochkor
16-Aug-2014: Bokonbayevo, - Visited the local eagle hunting festival, pretty disappointing
15-Aug-2014: Bokonbayevo, - Slow Morning, them. By Minibus to Bokonbayevo,
14-Aug-2014: Karakol - Recovering and relaxing in hostel
13-Aug-2014: Karakol - Hike from Altynarashan to Karakol
12-Aug-2014: Altynarashan - Hard walk to the pass to view the lake
11-Aug-2014: Altynarashan - Walk up a beautiful gorge to Altynarashan hot springs
10-Aug-2014: Karakol - Early rise to visit the local animal market, relaxing afternoon in the garden
9-Aug-2014: Karakol - Day trip into the mountains, rivers, waterfall beautiful.
8-Aug-2014: Karakol - Cholpan Ata to Karakol
8-Aug-2014: Tyup - Cholpan Ata to Karakol
7-Aug-2014: Cholpan Ata - By gas truck and bus to seaside resort town, some swimming in the lake
6-Aug-2014: Tokmok - Bishkek to Tokmok, visited ruins of birthplace of Chinese poet Li Bai
5-Aug-2014: Bishkek - Bought hard drive, long photo copy session.
4-Aug-2014: Bishkek - Moved back to the Nomad hostel, some walking, cloudy but still hot.
3-Aug-2014: Bishkek - Lazy Sunday with more Chinese food.
2-Aug-2014: Bishkek - Moved to the Sakura guesthouse,
1-Aug-2014: Bishkek - Got Yan's visa extension
31-Jul-2014: Bishkek - Failed to get Yan's visa extension, Mexican food
30-Jul-2014: Bishkek - Shopping in Bishkek
29-Jul-2014: Bishkek - Over two mountain passes to Bishkek, lunch in nomad family yurt
28-Jul-2014: Toktogul - Bus to Highway, nice lift on truck over the mountains
27-Jul-2014: Arslanbob - To the waterfall and into the walnut forest
26-Jul-2014: Arslanbob - To the Soviet summer holiday camp
25-Jul-2014: Arslanbob - With Yan Yan up to the agriculture fields, amazing day.
24-Jul-2014: Arslanbob - To football field, waterfall and narrow gorge
23-Jul-2014: Arslanbob - From Osh via özgön to Arslanbob
22-Jul-2014: Osh - Final lazy day, talk to cyclists, manage photos
21-Jul-2014: Osh - Another lazy, the cyclists arrived
20-Jul-2014: Osh - Lazy day
19-Jul-2014: Osh - Hike up the hill
18-Jul-2014: Osh - Lazy day, some research, haircut
17-Jul-2014: Osh - On small truck from Sarytash to Osh
16-Jul-2014: Sary Tash - Long drive into Kyrgyzstan
16-Jul-2014: Tajik border with Kyrgyzstan - Long drive into Kyrgyzstan
16-Jul-2014: Tajik border with Kyrgyzstan - Long drive into Kyrgyzstan
15-Jul-2014: Murghab - Walk to pshart valley, bazaar.
14-Jul-2014: Murghab - Walk to madiyan valley, lots of mosquito bites
13-Jul-2014: Murghab - Hanging out around the hotel
12-Jul-2014: Murghab - Long wait in Alichur, afternoon lift in tourist jeep
11-Jul-2014: Alichur - 26 km walk on the Pamir highway,
10-Jul-2014: Bulunkul - Walk to lake Yashil-kul and around Bulunkul
9-Jul-2014: Bulunkul - Hitched to remote village Bulunkul on trucks.
8-Jul-2014: Jelandy - Fantastic hike up 900m to see lake Turumtaikul
7-Jul-2014: Jelandy - Into the village, around the sanatorium, Yan Yan is sick
6-Jul-2014: Jelandy - Walk on Pamir highway, several lifts in the afternoon
5-Jul-2014: Khorog - Yan Yan arrives, Afgan border market, Indian diner again
4-Jul-2014: Khorog - Lazy day in town, shopping for Pamir
3-Jul-2014: Khorog - Hitched back to khorog, lunch with Anna
2-Jul-2014: Ishkashim - Very slow hitch hiking back to Ishkashim
1-Jul-2014: Darshai - Via Garam Chasma and Ishkashim into the Wakhan valley
30-Jun-2014: Khorog - Research and relaxing day
29-Jun-2014: Khorog - More walking and hitching, finally arrived in Khorogh
28-Jun-2014: Village in narrow gorge - Hitched on truck along the river
27-Jun-2014: Kali Kham - Hard but beautiful hike over the pass, altitude sickness for a while
26-Jun-2014: Village near Quali Hussain - Hitched on trucks and walked 20km to village, nice homestay with kids
25-Jun-2014: Garm - Hike along the river in the Rasht valley
24-Jun-2014: Garm - With Therese to Garm in the Rasht valley
23-Jun-2014: Dushanbe - Sightseeing in the center
22-Jun-2014: Dushanbe - From panjinkent to Dushanbe
21-Jun-2014: Panjakent - With Ines to Panjakent, very long ride and hot
20-Jun-2014: Khujand - Into Tajikistan
19-Jun-2014: Tashkent - Walking in town, chilling at the guest house
18-Jun-2014: Tashkent - By taxi to Tashkent, afternoon sightseeing
17-Jun-2014: Samarkant - Last day in Samarkant, research about Tajikistan.
16-Jun-2014: Samarkant - Still relaxing in Samarkant, haircut, Korean food with Ines
15-Jun-2014: Samarkant - Some sightseeing in the Northern parts
14-Jun-2014: Samarkand - Grey windy day, sightseeing in the Russian part of town.
13-Jun-2014: Samarkand - Early morning sightseeing, a bit sick for the rest of the day
12-Jun-2014: Samarkand - First day in Samarqand
11-Jun-2014: Night train to Samarqand - Early morning sight seeing, to train station in the afternoon
10-Jun-2014: Khiva - Sightseeing in the old town, relaxing on the veranda
9-Jun-2014: Khiva - Long shared taxi ride to Khiva
8-Jun-2014: Bukhara - Sightseeing in the old town
7-Jun-2014: Bukhara - Slow, hot day in Bukhara, filing photos
6-Jun-2014: Bukhara - Crossing the border into Uzbekistan from Turkmenabat
5-Jun-2014: Ashgabat - Sightseeing in the capital, night train to Tukmenabad
4-Jun-2014: Ashgabat - At the gate of hell, walk back to road, hotel search in Ashgabat
3-Jun-2014: Karakum Desert - Into Turkmenistan, long time at the border, several taxi rides to the Gate Of Hell
2-Jun-2014: Sarakhs - Despite some issues I got the Turkmen visa, afternoon bus ride to the border in the east
1-Jun-2014: Mashhad - For hours by myself in the holy shrine complex
30-May-2014: Mashhad - Guided tour around the holy shrine complex
29-May-2014: Mashhad - Long bus ride to Mashhad
28-May-2014: Gorgan - Hiking in the hills, to an island in the Caspian Sea with two Iranian ladies.
27-May-2014: Gorgan - Bus ride over the mountains to Gorgan
26-May-2014: Tehran - Visited Turkmen embassy, hot afternoon
25-May-2014: Night train to Tehran - Final beautiful mosque in Shiraz, afternoon train to the capital
24-May-2014: Shiraz - Visited ancient ruins of Persepolis
23-May-2014: Shiraz - Hot day, more sightseeing in town
22-May-2014: Shiraz - Hot day, sightseeing in town
21-May-2014: Shiraz - Yazd to Shiraz
20-May-2014: Yazd - Day trip to a desert fort
19-May-2014: Yazd - Camera-bike incident
18-May-2014: Yazd - Isfahan to Yazd, relaxing afternoon
17-May-2014: Isfahan - Visited missing Sights, Night walk
16-May-2014: Isfahan - More sightseeing in town, Dinner in private house
15-May-2014: Isfahan - Bridges, squares and mosques
14-May-2014: Isfahan - Central Esfahan, met couch surfing hosts
13-May-2014: Tehran - Sightseeing in North Tehran, night-train.
12-May-2014: Tehran - Sightseeing in South and far South Tehran.
11-May-2014: Tehran - Bus to Zanjan, train to Tehran
10-May-2014: Tabriz - Trip to kandavan, bazaar in Tabriz
9-May-2014: Tabriz - Arrived in Iran, first discovery walk in Tabriz.
8-May-2014: Eastern Turkey - Train through Eastern turkey, ferry over Lake Van
7-May-2014: Central Turkey - On the Asian express from Central to Eastern turkey
6-May-2014: Ankara - Walked a lot around town, not as boring as people say.
5-May-2014: Ankara - By bus to the Turkish capital, rained constantly, nice hostel
4-May-2014: Istanbul - Ferry to Asia, hitched back to Europe, Taksim
3-May-2014: Istanbul - Arrived in Istanbul, sunny and beautiful, walked in the center
2-May-2014: Sofia - Lots of walking in town, night train to Turkey
1-May-2014: Sofia - Train to Sofia, shopping in town, sunny but later light rain
30-Apr-2014: Bucharest - Lots of walking in this beautiful city, lots of rain too, midnight train to Sofia
29-Apr-2014: Bucharest - Train ride through Romania, walking in Bucharest
28-Apr-2014: Budapest - Train ride through Austria into Hungary, walking in Budapest
27-Apr-2014: Rosenheim - Cold but nice sunday in Rohrdorf
26-Apr-2014: Rosenheim - Slow trains for 12 hours through Germany to visit my old friend Nadine and her kids in Bavaria