In Japan

Full Itinerary:

16-Oct-2015: By high speed ferry to Fukuoka on Kyushu, Japan (Fukuoka, Japan)

17-Oct-2015: Hiking on Nokonoshima Island (Fukuoka, Japan)

18-Oct-2015: Explored central Fukuoka (Fukuoka, Japan)

19-Oct-2015: Bus to Hiroshima, on to Miyajima (Miyajima, Japan)

20-Oct-2015: Hiking on Miyajima (Miyajima, Japan)

21-Oct-2015: Sightseeing in Hiroshima (Hiroshima, Japan)

22-Oct-2015: By bus to Osako, visited some record shops, dinner in the night life district (Osaka, Japan)

23-Oct-2015: Hiking in the hills above Kobe, first Onsen experience (Kobe, Japan)

24-Oct-2015: More time with Edgar in Kobe, in the evening by train to Kyoto (Kyoto, Japan)

25-Oct-2015: Moved to J-Hoppers hostel, Kiyomizu shrine, short hike in the hills. (Kyoto, Japan)

26-Oct-2015: Long bike ride along the river into the foot hills, hike up to 580m, back downhill for 2 hours (Kyoto, Japan)

27-Oct-2015: Walk to Inari, walked inside the tori path to the top and back down, back-roads to the hostel. (Kyoto, Japan)

28-Oct-2015: Long walk in Kyoto, record shop visits (Kyoto, Japan)

29-Oct-2015: Day trip to western suburb, (Kyoto, Japan)

30-Oct-2015: Relaxing in the hostel. (Kyoto, Japan)

31-Oct-2015: Sightseeing with day bus pass, golden temples and other northern sights. (Kyoto, Japan)

1-Nov-2015: day trip to Nara, Osaka in the evening (Kyoto, Japan)

2-Nov-2015: Rainy day, long walk to numerous temples and shrines in the east (Kyoto, Japan)

3-Nov-2015: More temples in the east by bus, visited Twee Grrrrl (Kyoto, Japan)

4-Nov-2015: By train to Ise, shrine and old town, on to Nagoya (Arimatsu, Japan)

5-Nov-2015: Moved to Nagoya, train to Kawana and back, Nagoya castle (Nagoya, Japan)

6-Nov-2015: By bus to Shinjuku, settled in, in Tokyo hostel (Tokyo, Japan)

7-Nov-2015: Skytree, Asakusa, Ueno, Yanaka and Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan)

8-Nov-2015: Raining all day, visited nice Onsen in Asakusa and several hours in Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan)

9-Nov-2015: Around Tokyo station, imperial palace, Ginza, Sony museum, indiepop night in Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)

11-Nov-2015: Moved to Shinjuku, great Pains gig at Club Quattro in Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)

12-Nov-2015: Tokyo bay, Roppongi, Tokyo tower, Tokyo bay at night, Shinjuku (Tokyo, Japan)

13-Nov-2015: Walk to Nishi-Shinjuku, Nakano, shimokitazawa and Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)

14-Nov-2015: lazy rainy day in shinjuku, afternoon at Liten Butiken, dinner with friends (Tokyo, Japan)

15-Nov-2015: Observatory again, Shinjuku park, Shinjuku shops (Tokyo, Japan)

16-Nov-2015: Last day in Tokyo, (Tokyo, Japan)