In Myanmar

Ten years after my first time in Myanmar (Burma) I went back. I decided to not go to any places I have been in 2006, but just stay in the south. Still very few tourists. The road all the way south was closed to foreigners until 2014.
I walked most of the time and hitched many rides with the super nice locals. I still love this country.
Full Itinerary:

4-Mar-2016: Crossed into Burma, not sure where I am. (Kawkreik, Burma (Myanmar))

5-Mar-2016: Walked and used various vehicles to get to Hpa-An (Hpa-An, Burma (Myanmar))

6-Mar-2016: Walked to cave, public swimming hole and rural village 10km south (Hpa-An, Burma (Myanmar))

7-Mar-2016: Walked along the river and to the lake, long talk to Israeli girl (Hpa-An, Burma (Myanmar))

8-Mar-2016: Visited pagoda on a rock in the middle of a lake (Hpa-An, Burma (Myanmar))

9-Mar-2016: Visited seddar cave and garden of Buddhas (Hpa-An, Burma (Myanmar))

10-Mar-2016: researched boat options, dinner with marjo (Hpa-An, Burma (Myanmar))

11-Mar-2016: walk along the river, dinner with julia (Hpa-An, Burma (Myanmar))

12-Mar-2016: walk and lift to moulmein, walk along the river and market (Mawlamyine, Burma (Myanmar))

13-Mar-2016: To triple rock pagoda in the north and big Buddha in the south (Mawlamyine, Burma (Myanmar))

14-Mar-2016: Feeling sick with fever, stayed in bed. (Mawlamyine, Burma (Myanmar))

15-Mar-2016: Sightseeing in the city (Mawlamyine, Burma (Myanmar))

16-Mar-2016: at market, then church road, lazy afternoon (Mawlamyine, Burma (Myanmar))

17-Mar-2016: Walking and getting lifts to Ye (Ye, Burma (Myanmar))

18-Mar-2016: Exploring the town, railway station, lazy afternoon (Ye, Burma (Myanmar))

19-Mar-2016: Walk and lifts from Ye to Dawei (Dawei, Burma (Myanmar))

20-Mar-2016: With Katja on rented scooter to the beaches (Dawei, Burma (Myanmar))

21-Mar-2016: lazy days, some sightseeing in town (Dawei, Burma (Myanmar))

22-Mar-2016: Walked and hitched with Katja to Myeik (Myeik, Burma (Myanmar))

23-Mar-2016: With Katja in Myeik, morning sightseeing, bus station (Myeik, Burma (Myanmar))

24-Mar-2016: By boat to closest island, walk up to pagoda, afternoon in town (Myeik, Burma (Myanmar))

25-Mar-2016: Walking and lifts into the hills, afternoon in small river town (Tanintharyi, Burma (Myanmar))

26-Mar-2016: Walked on the hill road, lifts on truck and ancient Korean bus (Bokpyin, Burma (Myanmar))

27-Mar-2016: Walking and getting lifts to the deep south (Kawthoung, Burma (Myanmar))

28-Mar-2016: Walked along the coastal road to a small island, afternoon in town. (Kawthoung, Burma (Myanmar))