In South Korea

Full Itinerary:

22-Sep-2015: Arrived by ferry in Korea, Incheon to Seoul by metro (Seoul, South Korea)

23-Sep-2015: Walk into the center and up the Seoul tower (Seoul, South Korea)

24-Sep-2015: Toured Gwanghwamun palace and Ewha Womans University (Seoul, South Korea)

26-Sep-2015: Bus trip into the countryside, walk to the river with views of North Korea (Seoul, South Korea)

27-Sep-2015: Hiking Dobongsan in the Bukhansan National Park (Seoul, South Korea)

28-Sep-2015: Walk along the river to the 2002 World Cup stadium and back (Seoul, South Korea)

29-Sep-2015: Visted Gangnam, Olympic stadium, Deoksugung palace and Dongdaemun (Seoul, South Korea)

30-Sep-2015: Daytrip to the world heritage site in Suwon (Seoul, South Korea)

1-Oct-2015: Rainy day, short walk north, otherwise chilling in the hostel. (Seoul, South Korea)

2-Oct-2015: Walked around Itaewon, Korean War Monument and Museum (Seoul, South Korea)

3-Oct-2015: Walked around Yangpyeong and Seonyudo island (Seoul, South Korea)

4-Oct-2015: Hiking in Namhansanseong provincial park (Seoul, South Korea)

5-Oct-2015: Walk around the national assembly, across the bridge and along the river, another sunny day. (Seoul, South Korea)

6-Oct-2015: Trip to the DMZ and JSA, stepped into North Korea (Seoul, South Korea)

7-Oct-2015: By train to Daegu, explored the downtown area. (Daegu, South Korea)

8-Oct-2015: Great day hike in Palgongsan park (Daegu, South Korea)

9-Oct-2015: Sightseeing in the unesco world heritage town (Gyeongju, South Korea)

10-Oct-2015: Trip to temple and by bus to Busan (Busan, South Korea)

11-Oct-2015: Long walk to ferry terminal, bought ticket to Japan, checked out Haeundae beach (Busan, South Korea)

12-Oct-2015: Explored Nampo and Taejongdae park (Busan, South Korea)

13-Oct-2015: Walked east, nice city beach, film festival complex, 4hours in Spaland (Busan, South Korea)

14-Oct-2015: Moved hostel, nice coastal walk (Busan, South Korea)

15-Oct-2015: Last day in Korea, visited temple and prepared for Japan (Busan, South Korea)