In Taiwan

Full Itinerary:

17-Nov-2015: With Peach air to Taipei, settled at hostel, super tired (Taipei, Taiwan)

18-Nov-2015: Long walk to Taipei 101 and back (Taipei, Taiwan)

19-Nov-2015: in Xiamen (Taipei, Taiwan)

20-Nov-2015: Elephant hill, (Taipei, Taiwan)

21-Nov-2015: Dihua street, Baoan temple, Confucius temple (Taipei, Taiwan)

22-Nov-2015: Daytrip to Tamsui, waterfront and historic sites (Taipei, Taiwan)

23-Nov-2015: Walk along the river, Long Shan temple tour (Taipei, Taiwan)

24-Nov-2015: Day trip to Y-Shan national park, mostly rainy and miserable, poor visibility (Taipei, Taiwan)

25-Nov-2015: Lazy day at the hostel (Taipei, Taiwan)

26-Nov-2015: Day trip to Walei, waterfall, gorge and hot springs (Taipei, Taiwan)

27-Nov-2015: By train down the east coast to Hualien (Hualien, Taiwan)

28-Nov-2015: A day in the beautiful Taroko gorge (Hualien, Taiwan)

29-Nov-2015: Cycle tour along the coast, relaxing on beaches in the sun (Hualien, Taiwan)

30-Nov-2015: Two small and a tough hike in the Taroko gorge (Hualien, Taiwan)

1-Dec-2015: Along the coast north of Hualien on highway 9, great views (Hualien, Taiwan)

2-Dec-2015: 18km bike ride to another mountain gorge, short swim in a cold river pool (Hualien, Taiwan)

3-Dec-2015: Great hike 'Zhuilu Old Road' in Taroko with great views. (Hualien, Taiwan)

4-Dec-2015: Walking and hitch hiking on highway 11 down the east coast (Dulan, Taiwan)

5-Dec-2015: Hitch with seven rides down the coast the the very south of Taiwan (Hengchun, Taiwan)

6-Dec-2015: To Kending, explored the beach and national park, lazy afternoon (Hengchun, Taiwan)

7-Dec-2015: Walked and hitch hiked along the most southeastern part of the island (Hengchun, Taiwan)

8-Dec-2015: explored the west coast bits (Hengchun, Taiwan)

9-Dec-2015: shopping in kaossiung (Fangliao, Taiwan)

10-Dec-2015: in hospital helping local friend (Fangliao, Taiwan)

11-Dec-2015: Day in fangliao, evening in Kending for dinner (Fangliao, Taiwan)

12-Dec-2015: Return to Hengchun, Visited marine biology museum (Hengchun, Taiwan)

13-Dec-2015: local day in hengchun and Kending (Hengchun, Taiwan)

14-Dec-2015: local day in hengchun and Kending (Hengchun, Taiwan)

15-Dec-2015: Check out, long trip to Tainan, big night market with friends (Tainan, Taiwan)

16-Dec-2015: Museum in Tainan, afternoon in Kaohsiung, (Hengchun, Taiwan)

17-Dec-2015: Lazy windy day between Hengchun and Kending (Hengchun, Taiwan)

22-Dec-2015: Trip in fast ambulance to Kaohsiung (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

23-Dec-2015: Picked up car in k city, drive back to hengchun, hospital Christmas party (Hengchun, Taiwan)

24-Dec-2015: Maobitou park, massage, Christmas party at goat bar (Hengchun, Taiwan)

28-Dec-2015: Doing some IT work for the first time in months. (Hengchun, Taiwan)

29-Dec-2015: Hot and windy day in Hengchun (Hengchun, Taiwan)

30-Dec-2015: cycling to and swimming in kending little bay (Hengchun, Taiwan)

31-Dec-2015: Relaxed day, new year's eve party at the goat bar. (Hengchun, Taiwan)

1-Jan-2016: Slow recovery day (Hengchun, Taiwan)

2-Jan-2016: Heavy rain for the whole day, stayed inside. (Hengchun, Taiwan)

3-Jan-2016: Hitched to Kaohsiung, another very wet day (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

4-Jan-2016: Walking in Kaohsiung, train to Tainan (Tainan, Taiwan)

5-Jan-2016: Temple walking tour in Tainan (Tainan, Taiwan)

6-Jan-2016: Day trip to nice mud hot springs in the mountains. (Tainan, Taiwan)

7-Jan-2016: By bus up to 2200m into the mountains, some hiking (Alishan, Taiwan)

8-Jan-2016: After some more hiking in the clouds, two long bus rides back to Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan)

9-Jan-2016: elephant mountain and wulei hot springs with Britta (Taipei, Taiwan)

10-Jan-2016: Some shopping, fantastic date with Australian Sarah. (Taipei, Taiwan)

11-Jan-2016: rainy day, short unsuccessful shoping trip (Taipei, Taiwan)

12-Jan-2016: 10 miles walk to decathlon store (Taipei, Taiwan)

13-Jan-2016: Day trip to Jiufen and Jinguashi (Taipei, Taiwan)

14-Jan-2016: Lazy day, raining the whole day (Taipei, Taiwan)

15-Jan-2016: Moved to new hostel in Shihlin district (Taipei, Taiwan)

16-Jan-2016: Walk to the national palace museum in the hills (Taipei, Taiwan)

17-Jan-2016: Long bus ride back to Hengchun (Hengchun, Taiwan)

18-Jan-2016: at deer zoo, kending coastal walk, hot springs (Hengchun, Taiwan)

19-Jan-2016: at the beach in baisha (Hengchun, Taiwan)

20-Jan-2016: Day trip to Kaohsiung (Hengchun, Taiwan)

21-Jan-2016: Relaxing day (Hengchun, Taiwan)

22-Jan-2016: At the beach with friends (Hengchun, Taiwan)

23-Jan-2016: Drive some friends around the peninsula loop for sightseeing (Hengchun, Taiwan)

24-Jan-2016: Cold day, lazy (Hengchun, Taiwan)

25-Jan-2016: Some IT work in the morning, still cold (Hengchun, Taiwan)

26-Jan-2016: Lazy day (Hengchun, Taiwan)

27-Jan-2016: Short trip to Kending, too tired for hiking (Hengchun, Taiwan)

28-Jan-2016: lazy day (Hengchun, Taiwan)

29-Jan-2016: A wet day to and in Tainan (Tainan, Taiwan)

30-Jan-2016: Return from Tainan, birthday party (Hengchun, Taiwan)

31-Jan-2016: To Marina and the beach (Hengchun, Taiwan)

1-Feb-2016: IT stuff (Hengchun, Taiwan)

2-Feb-2016: More IT stuff, quick trip to Kending (Hengchun, Taiwan)

3-Feb-2016: Baisha loop by bike (Hengchun, Taiwan)

4-Feb-2016: Kending and Hengchun (Hengchun, Taiwan)

5-Feb-2016: IT stuff (Hengchun, Taiwan)

6-Feb-2016: Woken up by 6.4 earthquake, whole building was shaking a lot. (Hengchun, Taiwan)

7-Feb-2016: IT work, relaxed afternoon (Hengchun, Taiwan)

8-Feb-2016: Chinese new year, preparing the restaurant to open (Hengchun, Taiwan)

9-Feb-2016: Opening of the restaurant (Hengchun, Taiwan)

10-Feb-2016: Helping at the restaurant (Hengchun, Taiwan)

11-Feb-2016: Last day in Hengchun, moved the car, lunch at the Japanese restaurant (Hengchun, Taiwan)

12-Feb-2016: Hitch hiked back to Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan)

13-Feb-2016: Hiked up to a peak in the national park, long walk back into town. (Taipei, Taiwan)