In Tajikistan

Full Itinerary:

20-Jun-2014: Into Tajikistan (Khujand, Tajikistan)

21-Jun-2014: With Ines to Panjakent, very long ride and hot (Panjakent, Tajikistan)

22-Jun-2014: From panjinkent to Dushanbe (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)

23-Jun-2014: Sightseeing in the center (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)

24-Jun-2014: With Therese to Garm in the Rasht valley (Garm, Tajikistan)

25-Jun-2014: Hike along the river in the Rasht valley (Garm, Tajikistan)

26-Jun-2014: Hitched on trucks and walked 20km to village, nice homestay with kids (Village near Quali Hussain, Tajikistan)

27-Jun-2014: Hard but beautiful hike over the pass, altitude sickness for a while (Kali Kham, Tajikistan)

28-Jun-2014: Hitched on truck along the river (Village in narrow gorge, Tajikistan)

29-Jun-2014: More walking and hitching, finally arrived in Khorogh (Khorog, Tajikistan)

30-Jun-2014: Research and relaxing day (Khorog, Tajikistan)

1-Jul-2014: Via Garam Chasma and Ishkashim into the Wakhan valley (Darshai, Tajikistan)

2-Jul-2014: Very slow hitch hiking back to Ishkashim (Ishkashim, Tajikistan)

3-Jul-2014: Hitched back to khorog, lunch with Anna (Khorog, Tajikistan)

4-Jul-2014: Lazy day in town, shopping for Pamir (Khorog, Tajikistan)

5-Jul-2014: Yan Yan arrives, Afgan border market, Indian diner again (Khorog, Tajikistan)

6-Jul-2014: Walk on Pamir highway, several lifts in the afternoon (Jelandy, Tajikistan)

7-Jul-2014: Into the village, around the sanatorium, Yan Yan is sick (Jelandy, Tajikistan)

8-Jul-2014: Fantastic hike up 900m to see lake Turumtaikul (Jelandy, Tajikistan)

9-Jul-2014: Hitched to remote village Bulunkul on trucks. (Bulunkul, Tajikistan)

10-Jul-2014: Walk to lake Yashil-kul and around Bulunkul (Bulunkul, Tajikistan)

11-Jul-2014: 26 km walk on the Pamir highway, (Alichur, Tajikistan)

12-Jul-2014: Long wait in Alichur, afternoon lift in tourist jeep (Murghab, Tajikistan)

13-Jul-2014: Hanging out around the hotel (Murghab, Tajikistan)

14-Jul-2014: Walk to madiyan valley, lots of mosquito bites (Murghab, Tajikistan)

15-Jul-2014: Walk to pshart valley, bazaar. (Murghab, Tajikistan)

16-Jul-2014: Long drive into Kyrgyzstan (Tajik border with Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan)

16-Jul-2014: Long drive into Kyrgyzstan (Tajik border with Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan)