Short trip to the Baltic Sea Countries

In May 2019 I finally made it to the Baltic countries, I tried before and failed, this time I made it and had a great time however short the visit was.
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My Itinerary:
26-Apr-2019: Starting in the Hunsrück
26-Apr-2019: One night in Dortmund
27-Apr-2019: Visiting my home town
1-May-2019: To Berlin
8-May-2019: To Stettin
9-May-2019: To Gedansk
12-May-2019: car broke down in Szczytno
13-May-2019: In Bialystok
14-May-2019: Vilnius
16-May-2019: Riga
19-May-2019: Tallinn
22-May-2019: Helsinki
24-May-2019: Tallinn
25-May-2019: Flight back to Berlin
26-May-2019: By car back to the Hunsrück