The Middle East in early 2020

On this trip I visited Israel, Palestinia, Jordan and Egypt, All four I haven't been to before.

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Flag of Italy Italy - Jan 2020 (One day)
Flag of Vatican City Vatican City - Jan 2020 (One day)
Flag of Israel Israel - Jan 2020 (9 days)
Flag of Palestine Palestine - 17 Jan 2020 (One day)
Flag of Jordan Jordan - Feb 2020 (7 days)
Flag of Egypt Egypt - Jan-Feb 2020 (25 days)
My Itinerary:
20-Feb-2020: Flight back to Germany
19-Feb-2020: Snorkeling trip on the Red Sea
18-Feb-2020: Day trip to Gouna
17-Feb-2020: Touristy things in the desert
16-Feb-2020: Explored downtown and the marina
15-Feb-2020: Lazy day in the sun
14-Feb-2020: By train and bus to the Red sea
13-Feb-2020: Visit the Abu Simbel temples
13-Feb-2020: Visit the Abu Simbel temples
12-Feb-2020: Visited the Aswan dams and desert.
11-Feb-2020: By train to Aswan
10-Feb-2020: Relaxing on the roof top in Luxor.
9-Feb-2020: Visited the Karnak temple
8-Feb-2020: Bicycle trip to the valley of the Kings
7-Feb-2020: Relaxing day in Luxor
6-Feb-2020: By train to Luxor
5-Feb-2020: More sightseeing and Opera
4-Feb-2020: Day trip to Alexandria
3-Feb-2020: Cairo coptic quarter and Swiss Club
2-Feb-2020: A day at the pyramids
1-Feb-2020: By coach to Cairo
31-Jan-2020: Another hike into the mountains.
29-Jan-2020: Long walk along the coast line
28-Jan-2020: Cycle trip into the mountains and along the coast.
27-Jan-2020: To Dahab on the gulf of Aqaba
26-Jan-2020: Aqaba and ferry to Egypt
25-Jan-2020: Hiking in Petra, on to Aqaba
24-Jan-2020: Hanging out in freezing Wadi Musa
23-Jan-2020: Amman to Petra
22-Jan-2020: First dry day in Jordan, sightseeing in Amman
20-Jan-2020: Irbid to Amman
19-Jan-2020: Jerusalem to northern Jordan
18-Jan-2020: Sightseeing in the old town
17-Jan-2020: Day trip to Bethlehem
16-Jan-2020: Haifa to Jerusalem
15-Jan-2020: Heifa
14-Jan-2020: To the Lebanese border
13-Jan-2020: Tel Aviv to lake Galilee
12-Jan-2020: Sightseeing in Tel Aviv
11-Jan-2020: Flight to Tel Aviv
10-Jan-2020: Rome
10-Jan-2020: Starting in the Hunsrück