India and Nepal Autumn 2023

Backup to India eleven years after my first trip to the south. This time Delhi, Agra and Rajastan. We also spent some time in Nepal which we enjoyed even more.
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Our Itinerary:
29-Nov-2023: Frankfurt airport
29-Nov-2023: Stop over Kuwait, one night
27-Nov-2023: Walk to Ghum and back to Darjeeling
26-Nov-2023: Walk in Darjeeling, zoo and tea plantation
25-Nov-2023: by jeep up the mountains to Darjeeling
22-Nov-2023: Day at the roof-top pool in the sun.
21-Nov-2023: Sightseeing and caching in Lalitpur
20-Nov-2023: by bus to Kathmandu
16-Nov-2023: To Pokhara
15-Nov-2023: Long hike around Nagarkot
14-Nov-2023: Walk in Nagarkot
13-Nov-2023: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
12-Nov-2023: Kathmandu
12-Nov-2023: Flight to Kathmandu
12-Nov-2023: Night train to Delhi, flight to Kathmandu
10-Nov-2023: Jaisalmer Fort
9-Nov-2023: Jaisalmer Lake
8-Nov-2023: Udaipur to Jodhpur by bus,Jodhpur to Jaisalmer by train
7-Nov-2023: Udaipur sightseeing and boat trip
6-Nov-2023: In Udaipur
5-Nov-2023: In Pushkar
4-Nov-2023: Ajmer
3-Nov-2023: Jaipur and Amber Fort
2-Nov-2023: Agra Fort and train to Jaipur
1-Nov-2023: Visited the Taj Mahal
31-Oct-2023: Sightseeing
30-Oct-2023: Flight to Delhi
29-Oct-2023: Stop over Kuwait
29-Oct-2023: Frankfurt airport