Here are some downloads I offer:
Server Monitor
PowerShell scripts to alert you about problems with your servers. (Vs.
Download - more info
Kotor - Manage Scheduled Tasks - Beta
Rename, delete and move Windows Task Scheduler tasks. - Current Version:
Download - more info
SQL Server Compact 4.0 Runtime Files
Needed when using Kotor with a SQL Compact 4.0 database.
Download - more info
PowerShell wrapper for easy access to IIS web logs.
Download - more info
Tool to copy and zip files with powerful filtering. (Version
Download - more info
Backup Windows Internal Database
Tool to backup the WSUS 3.0 database
Download - more info
Smuk Logviewer
Small tool to display log files in the Smuk format. (Version 1.8)
Download - more info
Script MS Access Databases
Script to script MS Access databases to port them to other database systems.
Download - more info
Stop Junk Batch Files
A bunch of batch files to stop unwanted Windows processes and services. (Version: 22-March-2010)
Download - more info
Smart Sql Backup Setup
SQL-Script to create a table and stored procedures to enable smart database backup on SQL-Server.
Download - more info
USB Drive Icons
Some icons to put into the root of your USB drive.
Download - more info

All software on this page except Kotor is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license
Except for the scripts, I don't provide the source code as I do not feel it is ready for a public open source release. If you really want it, please contact me.

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