Sunday May 17th, I am going from Panama City to the Atlantic coast to board a sail ship called the Ave Maria to sail for 5 days over to Cartagena in Colombia. If you wont hear from me again, start asking at the Mamallena hostel in Panama City, Stuart there arranged the trip. We will stop at some island and then sail a long way across the ocean.
Full Itinerary:

22-May-2009: In the waters off Cartagena (Cartagena, Colombia)

22-May-2009: Arrived in Cartagena, Colombia (Cartagena, Colombia)

24-May-2009: Slow day in the old town (Cartagena, Colombia)

25-May-2009: Long walk in the Boco Grande part of town (Cartagena, Colombia)

26-May-2009: still in Cartagena (Cartagena, Colombia)

27-May-2009: Cartagena to Santa Marta (Santa Marta, Colombia)

28-May-2009: A day in Santa Marta (Santa Marta, Colombia)

29-May-2009: Santa Marta to Mompox (Mompox, Colombia)

30-May-2009: Cycling and walking in Mompox (Mompox, Colombia)

31-May-2009: A long road trip from Mompox to Bucaramanga (Bucaramanga, Colombia)

1-Jun-2009: Daytrip to the beautiful town of Giron (Bucaramanga, Colombia)

8-Jun-2009: From Merida back to Cucuta (Cucata, Colombia)

9-Jun-2009: From Cucata to San Gil (San Gil, Colombia)

10-Jun-2009: Mud caving in San Gil (San Gil, Colombia)

11-Jun-2009: Walking in and around San Gil (San Gil, Colombia)

12-Jun-2009: Long walk from the mountain town of Barichara to San Gil (San Gil, Colombia)

13-Jun-2009: Recovering in the parks of San Gil (San Gil, Colombia)

14-Jun-2009: San Gil to Villa De Leyva (Villa De Leyva, Colombia)

15-Jun-2009: A hike to waterfalls and lookout, hailstorm in the evening (Villa De Leyva, Colombia)

16-Jun-2009: Villa de Leyva to Bogota (Bogota, Colombia)

17-Jun-2009: Exploring the old parts of Bogota (Bogota, Colombia)

18-Jun-2009: Doing an interview for an internet radio station (Bogota, Colombia)

19-Jun-2009: Art museums and tech blogging (Bogota, Colombia)

20-Jun-2009: More blogging and walking around downtown (Bogota, Colombia)

21-Jun-2009: Visited the Gold and the National museums (Bogota, Colombia)

22-Jun-2009: Bicycle tour through Bogota (Bogota, Colombia)

23-Jun-2009: Up the hill to Monserrat (Bogota, Colombia)

24-Jun-2009: Bogota to La Dorada (La Dorada, Colombia)

24-Jun-2009: La Dorada to Medellin (Medellin, Colombia)

26-Jun-2009: Orientation day in Medellin (Medellin, Colombia)

27-Jun-2009: Exploring west of downtown with six fellow travelers (Medellin, Colombia)

28-Jun-2009: Fighting viruses on XP and Vista in the hostel (Medellin, Colombia)

29-Jun-2009: More IT computer work in the Blacksheep hostel (Medellin, Colombia)

1-Jul-2009: Still feeling a bit sick in the stomach (Medellin, Colombia)

2-Jul-2009: A great daytrip to Guatape (Medellin, Colombia)

3-Jul-2009: Daytrip to Santa Fe (Medellin, Colombia)

4-Jul-2009: Long walk to the south side of Medellin (Medellin, Colombia)

5-Jul-2009: Some IT work at the hostel (Medellin, Colombia)

6-Jul-2009: Medellin to Salento (Salento, Colombia)

7-Jul-2009: Hiking trip in the zona cafetera (Salento, Colombia)

8-Jul-2009: Tour of a coffee plantation (Salento, Colombia)

9-Jul-2009: Salento to Cali (Cali, Colombia)

10-Jul-2009: Exploring Cali (Cali, Colombia)

11-Jul-2009: Cali to Popayan (Popayan, Colombia)

12-Jul-2009: Relaxed Sunday in Popayan (Popayan, Colombia)

13-Jul-2009: Walking in the countryside around Popayan (Popayan, Colombia)

14-Jul-2009: From Popayan to Pasto (Pasto, Colombia)

15-Jul-2009: From Pasto to Ipiales (Ipiales, Colombia)